Dunlop composites refurbished by Solent Wheels

Peter Spurrs has recently had a set of Dunlop composites refurbished by Solent Wheels and is very pleased with the result. Illustrated report

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This option does not involve splitting the rim and alloy centre but fine grit blasting the wheel to bare metal to remove corrosion from the chromed steel rim, repairing any kerb damage, filling any areas where corrosion has been removed, applying the self-etching primer which is baked in a low bake oven, and then the wheels are flattened down to create a smooth surface. The wheels are top coated and lacquered with a durable Polyurethane silver coloured paint and clear coat. The result is a smooth, polished finish which is durable, lasting for many years. These refurbished wheels can only be distinguished from the original chromed rims from a relatively close inspection.

It's not an original chrome finish but it looks very good. Also at around £85 a wheel it's an option that is very good value for money. See our illustrated report with a link to the Solent Wheels website. Illustrated report

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