What colour is my MGB?
Thomas Hagemann posted a query on the V8 Register Facebook Group saying "I have have been stripping the underneath of my MGB and discovered a beige tone. Would like to respray in a colour as close as possible to the original. Does anybody now the RAL or color code please?

Simon Black responded by posting photos of two pages from a publication listing the colours - copies alongside. See also a larger copy .

The MGBGTV8 colours are set out in a colour table on the V8 Website together with V8NOTE404 from Angus Munro on where you can get touch up paint.

Thomas Hagemann responded "the car is Bracken at present . I am looking for the original beige yellowish tone color code of the underneath floorplan.

Barry West mentioned Bedouin as a possible colour but that colour (seen on a few MGBs) was much darker. It is fairly clear from Thomas Hagemann's photo (alongside) that the colour there is Harvest Gold although there was another similar colour called Limeflower. There were only two MGBGTV8s produced in Limeflower so it's much more likely the colour is Harvest Gold.

Victor Smith looked up Thomas Hagemann's registration of his MGBGTV8 (Bracken 0772) and then checked his copy of the production records for 0772 and found that car is recorded as produced at the MG Plant with Bracken bodywork.

See V8NOTE313 for a chart showing how many MGBGTV8s were made in various colours and the trim colour combinations. More

Posted: 170307

Underside of Thomas Hagemann's MGB

Thomas Hagemann with his MGBGTV8
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