Replacing the brushes in the cooling fans
Chris Armitage (Tundra 2066) from Hampshire posted a note on the V8BB seeking information on where he could trace some new brushes for his cooling fan motors. His note explains how he tracked them down.
(Sep 06)

My V8 may be in the minority, being still equipped with the original type of fan motors it left the Factory with in 1975. Hence this note may be useful to others who wish to keep the original motors in service. Every two or three years I dismantle the fan motors as this is the only way to lubricate the inner armature bearing. On disassembly recently I noticed the brushes were looking about two thirds worn so I set about tracking down replacements.

Superfluous third brush removed and the original connector soldered to the new brush base plate. (Photo: Philip Armitage)

The major MG parts suppliers do not list the brush set as a separate item. On checking back through the V8 Workshop Notes I obtained the Lucas part number 54701528 from Peter Laidler's note V8NOTE61. Armed with this, I contacted my local (Portsmouth) Lucas

Brushes as received from the supplier in an ancient Lucas box. (Photo: Philip Armitage)

agent, who informed me that the part is obsolete, but helpfully suggested I bring
the old brushes in and they would try and match them with the dimensions of a modern set.

Incidentally whilst researching this I read of a successful application of exactly this approach on a Jensen website - some Jensens apparently have a similar or the same fan motors.

I then located, via a websearch, a stockist of obsolete Lucas parts, T&J Enterprises, 0121 777 1702. They had the brushes in stock. It is worth noting that the set supplied (in an ancient Lucas box stamped with the above part number) has a third brush on the base plate. This is presumably to cover two-speed applications such as fan motors. I simply removed the third brush, cut off the connector wires from the old baseplate and soldered them to the new base plate and re-assembled the motor. The only point I would add is that the brush set was £20 excluding VAT and postage, so one needs to have a careful look at the condition of the rest of the motor to weigh up whether it is worth the investment!