Where can I get a V8 speedo repaired?
Bob Grieves (Black 2788) from Kent posted a query on the V8BB in May and a helpful response enabled him to have his speedo serviced and refitted in only 15 days. (Jun 07)

Bob's initial plea was "Has anyone got a spare speedo SN5230/11S for an MGBGTV8 that I can borrow or buy whilst I get mine serviced. They want three weeks to turn it around and I need my car running for Borde Hill, Le Mans, and Silverstone?"

Gordon Hesketh-Jones in Cornwall responded "My speedo has had to be rebuilt 3 or 4 times but each time the Tim Kelly our MG specialist has just fitted an MGB speedo to keep me mobile and legal - but of course you then have to measure your speed by the gear lever and rev-counter".

Geoff King in Scotland helpfully suggested "I have an 80mm MGB speedo that you are welcome to borrow - but I'll check that it works first. How many turns per mile does the GTV8 speedo look for? - the number is printed on the bottom of the face".

Richard Carrey posted a note suggested Bob should contact John Ostick at JDO Instrument Engrs in Keighley saying "John turned round my busted RV8 speedo in record time. I posted it to him Special Delivery late on a Thursday. He contacted me noon the next day to say that he'd fixed it but that I hadn't sent the nut from the back so he couldn't reassemble it until I'd sent it otherwise he'd have posted it back. I sent the nut that afternoon and he posted it back by lunchtime Saturday. I received the parcel on the Monday morning. The total cost was £42.50 plus my costs for sending the stuff to him. He also offers a faster service for 50% extra though I cannot imagine how since the bulk of the time taken was for transit of the speedo. I cannot

Black 2788 in Faversham at a classic car rally. (Photo: Bob Grieves)

recommend him enough! His contacts are:
J D O Instrument Engrs
34 Spring Avenue
West Yorkshire BD21 4UG

Bob Grieves responded saying "Thanks for the response to my question; I've called JDO but they are on holiday until the 30th May. In response to Geoff King; the only other number is 960, which is after the SN number, thanks for your offer but if JDO can repair mine in a week, then I should be OK for Le Mans". A posting a week later confirmed all was well: "Excellent service from JDO Instruments, sent it on Monday, came back repaired 1st post Wednesday - it looks like new and is a very professional job. It is now fitted, tested and ready for Le Mans. Thanks Richard for the information - highly recommended".