Jumping out of reverse - another sequel
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire suggests another remedy for this irritating problem. This is a sequel to Note 27 in Volume 1. (Oct 83)

If the solution given in V8 Workshop Note 27 does not work, try removing the gear lever gaiter. You may well find that with the gaiter removed, the gear lever moves back into the reverse position much more positively and no longer jumps out as soon as the drive is taken up.

What happens is that the rubber ribbed inner part of the gaiter seems to act like a spring. The extra throw of the gear lever trying to get into reverse is opposed by the rubber ribbed inner part, preventing positive selection of reverse gear. Any movement of the engine and gearbox as the drive is engaged and then the "spring" effect "pops" the marginally selected reverse gear back into neutral.

The ribbed rubber inner part is simply stitched to the leather cloth outer gaiter, so it is easy to remove it - or replace it come to that. With the inner part removed, the outward appearance of the gaiter is unchanged. If there is any stop in the gear lever you may find that it will "buzz" without the rubber ribbed inner, but then

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that is another problem! In fact I gather that the rubber ribbed inner is an anti-vibration precaution, but if the gearbox is in good condition you should not have any problems.

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