Location of V8 badge and Leyland square on the nearside wing of the MGBGTV8

Andy Mathew (Tartan Red 1635) from London E contacted the V8 Register for details of the location of the nearside badges on his refurbished MGBGTV8. This note is based on the reply sent to Andy by Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089). (Apr 02)

Andy Mathew wrote "I have just finished a bodywork restoration of my 74 MGBGTV8 and the final job is to refit the badges. Unfortunately I have lost my notes showing the positions of the two badges on the front nearside wing. If you have this information can you let me know so I don't have to guess from photos!"

The gap formed between the rear edge of the nearside wing and the front edge of the door is not straight over

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On Abingdon built MGBGTV8s the chrome V8 badge is only on the nearside wing together with a square BL badge alongside.

its whole length - it curves towards the top. The dimensions above are taken from my car (Harvest Gold 1089) which had new wings back in 1982 but the badges were replaced by Geoff Allen (the V8 Historian) who was at the Abingdon Factory for over 27 years, for much of the time in Rectifications Department, so I feel he will have been familiar with the positioning of the badges.

We understand there were jigs at the Factory for positioning the badges and you will see from the "Tail End Tips" at the back of Volume 1 of the V8 Workshop Notes series that one of the tips covers the positioning of the V8 badge on the bottom LH corner of the tailgate - "fit the top LH corner of the "V" of the V8 badge, 4.25 inches from the LH edge of the tailgate and 4.30 inches up from the bottom edge of the tailgate". See illustrated note

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