What's happened to "Ted's Knob"!
Nic Houslip has spotted a part has come back into stock at Brown & Gammons - "it's that strange shaped rubber tube device that dangles down from the underside of the air chamber for the heater box to below the transmission tunnel on MGBs and derivatives - it' was known at the MG Factory as Ted's Knob!". The late Geoff Allen, who worked there in Rectifications Department for 27 years, said that was the name of the part on the production line where a fellow with a reputation with ladies was very able at fitting it!

How does the drain outlet on the replacement part work?
Nic Houslip has sent the photo above of the drain outlet at the lower end of the part. Nic says "the "valve" is a form of Bunsen Valve but instead of the globe shape end of the original part (see alongside) the valve above is a 3 pointed star. This may be more effective".

But oh dear what has happened to the part! The thought of a replacement for this part sends a chill down your spine. The replacement has lost its former character ! Nic feels it will work just as well! I'm not sure Ted would have agreed! There must have been a recent EU Directive on the design of drain tubes!

Part AHC 321 drains water from the bottom of the fresh air intake chamber below the chromium grille in the bodywork just in front of the centre of the windscreen. This special valve can get blocked with leaves and other debris and if allowed to get plugged, water will collect and rust the bottom of the chamber. Many owners fit a mesh panel under that grille to protect the chamber. (Feb 17)

See V8NOTE452 - cleaning out the drain tube. More
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