MGBGTV8 windscreen and side glass replacement

Gavin Bailey (Glacier White 0199) from Surrey is restoring his V8 and found a good windscreen replacement service. (Dec 04)

During the refurbishment of my V8 I needed replacement door drop glasses as they had numerous fine vertical scratches arising from grit trapped in the outer seal. Also some of the elements in the rear screen had failed so I needed a replacement screen too. I found National Mobile Windscreens extremely helpful in sourcing some new

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Triplex-branded door glass with the right code numbers in them and a new Triplex heated rear screen for the MGBGTV8.

I've been dealing with their Director and General Manager, Phil Lomas. They sell glass for a wide range of modern and classic vehicles including MGs, Healeys and Bristols both directly and through E-Bay (their user-id is 'glassseller'). Their website is at:

and they have a call free number - 0800 373 171. Hopefully other members will find this service useful.

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