Thermo switch for the cooling fans
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) describes how to service or replace the Otter switch. (Spring 79)

When this switch, part number BHA5252, packed up on my car I found it very difficult to get a replacement as the dreaded NLA was against the part number. I eventually found a garage that had one in stock. It looks a little like a small bowler hat! Instead of throwing the old switch away I tried to repair it with great success. The principle of the switch operation is the same as the air temperature control - a bi-metal spring that makes the switch earth when it gets to a

certain temperature. To make the repair, take the lead off the connector, undo the three small bolts carefully, prise open the three lugs holding the top and pull out the centre of the switch. Wipe between the points with a bit of rough paper, but do so very carefully because if you bend the points, you will find it will not come on at the right temperature. When you have done this put the centre back, fold down the three lugs, use a new gasket (part number 236022), coat with Golden Hemetite, and then tighten down the three small bolts. Finally connect the leads and hopefully the Otter switch should work. Fortunately I now hear this part is now available again.

First published in the V8 Register Journal Spring 1979

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