Exactly how many MGBGTV8s were built at Abingdon?
Most authors of publications covering the MGBGTV8 quote 2,591 as the total production figure for the model - but is it correct? Well as information has gradually come to light, the longstanding V8 Register Historian & Archivist, Geoff Allen, believes there were more than 2,591 V8s! Geoff was at the Abingdon MG Plant for over 27 years, much of it in Rectifications Department, and is particularly well placed because during the weeks before the final close, he made a handwritten copy of the production control and despatch books. Here Geoff explains the true total production story! (Feb 04)
Geoff Allen's research has revealed that some 2,600 MGBGTV8s were built at the Abingdon MG Plant as the following table shows.
Stage of production
Development pre-production cars, prefixed GD2D1, GD2D2 or ADO75 numbered in reverse order from 99 to 95.
Chrome bumpered cars, prefixed GD2D1 (RHD) or GD2D2 (LHD) numbered from 101 to 1956.
First batch of rubber bumpered cars, prefixed GD2D1 numbered from 2101 to 2632.
Second batch of rubber bumpered cars, prefixed GD2D1 numbered from 2701 to 2903.
Total of all chrome and rubber bumpered development and production cars.
Extra cars built in Development, prefixed ADO75 and numbered 413, 414, 424 and 425.
Sub total
Another MGBGTV8 we are aware of, GD2D2 100 G, is not listed on any of the Factory lists.


So the production figure of 2,591 usually quoted in publications can be reconciled by deducting the five development cars from the total 2,596 for development and production cars above.

Some of the "Extra Development" cars are not in the Production Control or Despatch books, nor were they traditionally counted by Production Control department at Abingdon as production cars. These "Extra" cars were on a list compiled from the individual car history books maintained by the Foreman of the Development department at the time.
Of the "Extra" cars, ADO75 414 has not been heard of since it was sold on by Development department as a secondhand sale in the late 1970s and no details of the body paint colour are known. ADO75 425 was sold to Morris Garages by Development department as a secondhand sale and was finished in Damask Red but no other details are known, and also nothing has been heard of it since then. ADO75 413 and ADO75 424 are known to exist and have been registered with the V8 Register. One slightly odd fact is three cars produced as MGBGTV8s were subsequently sold off with MGB 1800 engines fitted - they were the early Development pre-production car GD2D2 0098, ADO75 414 above and another Development car GD2D1 0993.

All the cars in Geoff's analysis above had the suffix "G" signifying they were MGs - for example GD2D1 NNNN G, GD2D2 NNN G and ADO75 NNN G where "NNNN" are the Car Numbers.

Another MGBGTV8 we are aware of, GD2D2 100 G, is not listed on any of these lists. Custom and practice at Abingdon was to start production runs of MG models with the number 01 - for example V8 production started with GD2D2 101 and later the rubber bumpered production batches started at 2101 and 2701. If GD2D2 100 G proved to be a Factory V8, then the total production of MGBGTV8s built at Abingdon would be 2,601.

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Geoff Allen speaking at the
V8 25th Anniversary Dinner
in July 2003

Teal Blue 2101, the first rubber bumpered MGBGTV8 owned by Jean Allen who can be seen in the photo above

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