Air plenum drain tube - links to several workshop notes on maintaining this part

452. Cleaning out the drain tube
A brief note on an occasional maintenance task. Victor Smith describes how to find this item and how to clean it out but most important the need to take care not to remove it as it is a devil to put back!
See V8NOTE452

522. What's happened to "Ted's Knob"!
Nic Houslip spotted the part had come back into stock at Brown & Gammons. He notes it is a different shape and explains how the Bunsen valve at the bottom of the drain works.
See V8NOTE522

523. Refitting Ted's knob
Nic Houslip describes the task of replacing the drain tube saying "to be honest this is a job that if I didn't have to do it, I would have put off having experienced doing it".
See V8NOTE523
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