Temporary steering tip
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101), the V8 Historian & Archivist who is now living in retirement in Cheshire, has provided a very simple note to complete Volume 7. It is a note based on his long experience of servicing and maintaining MGs and particularly MGBGTV8s, during his 27 years in Rectifications Department at the Abingdon Factory and then running his own MG business. (Jan 03)

If you remove the steering rack for any reason - to improve accessibility for the removal of the starter motor or exhaust manifolds - a simple trick is to refit the steering rack in the inverted position with the pinion shaft pointing downwards on the nearside. Fit it with

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the bolts "finger tight" and then you will be able to push the car around the garage as the wheels are held in the correct place.

Geoff adds another tip that when removing the steering rack, make a note of the position of any shims between the rack and the cross member at the four fixing bolts. These were originally pop riveted on and the rivets may by now have corroded away allowing the shims to drop out as the rack is removed. If the shims are very rusty, the part number of new shims is AHH6007 and are still available at Moss for 85p each. The shims start off flat and have to be bent at a right angle when they are fitted before re-riveting.
This note completes Volume 7 of the V8 Workshop Notes series. The series continues as the working draft of Volume 8. Further contributions to the series from V8 members are very welcome.