Breather filter connection to the crankcase

As a new V8 owner, Robert Rose sought help in clarifying where the lower section of the rubber pipe from the breather filter, located in that tight space between the back of the carburettor airbox and the bulkhead, connects to the crankcase below. (Aug 16)

Mike Macartney provided a photo of a V8 during a rebuild which shows the location - it exits the crankcase valley at the back of the engine on the righthand side. It's highlighted in the photo alongside. Alan Rennie clarified the part numbers of the filter too. See photos of the connection point.
How does the crankcase ventilation system work on an MGBGTV8?
This topic came up in a V8BB thread in September 2014 when Geoff King provided a concise explanation saying "the MGBGTV8 has a positive crankcase ventilation system; clean air is drawn into the rear of the crankcase through a small breather filter located behind the carburettor airbox and contaminated air in the crankcase is sucked out through the flame traps on each rocker cover and routed to the carburettors where it enters the engine and is burnt. Fumes should NOT be expelled from the rear of the crankcase especially at idle when (downstream of the throttle disc) the engine develops the greatest suction".

Breather and flame trap

Geoff added "later versions of the Rover V8 engine, as fitted to the RV8 for instance, have a similar system. Clean air is drawn into the crankcase via a small filter at the rear of the left rocker cover; contaminated air is sucked out through a single flame trap at the front of the right rocker cover and is routed to the plenum chamber where it enters the engine to be burnt. Note this contaminated air enters the engine after the airflow meter so if the flow is too high the mixture will be weak because the electronics have already calculated how long the injectors are open based on the flow of air through the airflow meter. The flow of air is controlled by having a small hole in the rocker cover filter to restrict the flow".
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