Wheel arch dimensions for a chrome bumper MGBGTV8

Gordon Hesketh-Jones sent in an email to the editor saying "following Chris Armitage's useful V8NOTE369, I am fitting rubber bumper 1800 rear springs and MOSS anti-tramp bars to my chrome bumper MGBGTV8 but I was disappointed to see that the rear end of the car is still much lower than the front. This "rear-droop" is exacerbated because when I fitted the new front cross-member earlier this year, I also fitted new front springs and these make the front quite a bit higher than before. I plan to send the old V8-spec springs off to Brost & Co for re-tempering, resetting to the softer weight, and reshaping to correct the "rear droop", but need to know what to ask them to do. Do you know if there is any published information on the height of the back end, measured from the floor to either the stainless steel trim strip, or to the bottom of the wheelarch? Or ANYTHING? If nothing is written anywhere, could I ask you to measure your car and let me have the details." 071221

Victor Smith responded with an email to Gordon saying "I attach a note with a diagram of the measurements I have taken which show the current position on my chrome bumper MGBGTV8. I measured the distance between the top of the front tyre and the underside of the centre of the front wheel arch lip using a spirit level and steel rule as:

Front wheel arch

Front wheel = 2.5 inches
Back wheel = 0.0 inches (virtually level)

Rear wheel arch

Check (refer to the attached diagram for dimensions):
Back wheel: 24.0 inches less 11.625 inches = 12.375 inches = top half of the wheel/tyre uncompressed
Front wheel: 26.25 inches less (11.375 inches plus 12.375 inches) = 2.5 inches which ties up with my measurement alongside.

I have assumed the uncompressed half of the tyre and wheel will be the same front and back = 12.375 inches. I hope this will be of some help. The diagram with the measurements and the two photos above are available as a PDF which you can download.
Document with photos and dimensions
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