V8 cooling fan motors

Following a V8BB posting on replacement brushes for a V8 cooling fan motor, Peter Beadle, formerly parts manager with University Motors and later with Moss, provided a brief note. (Sep 06)

Peter Beadle responded to a query on what had happened to a good quality replacement fan motor that had appeared 10 or 12 years ago and commented "boy oh boy you are opening a can of worms here!". He explained there are at least four different types of motor used in the replacement parts, some good and some where there is some concern over whether the unit provides enough power to be used as a fan motor on a V8. The fans are all of different manufacture and three are branded as Lucas parts.
As for replacement brushes you have to be very careful. So on balance if you do set about doing your own fan repair and a brush change, then it would pay to seek the brushes from an experienced factor or fan motor service provider. Peter believes the improved unit with the ballbearing was made in Yugoslavia and bears a Lucas brand mark.

Finally Peter adds a sequel that the grub screw securing the plastic fan to the motor shaft can be difficult to release as it is bombarded by the elements located just behind the grille. He advises that during reassembly you coat the thread with Coppaslip.

Photos will follow from Peter Beadle.