Bolts in your air collector box!
Ron Gammons (Black 1931) the well known MG racer and part of the duo of Brown & Gammons at Baldock in Hertfordshire has provided this valuable tip based on his own V8 swallowing a bolt through one of the carburettors. (May 82)

A warning to all MGBGTV8 owners. Your left hand engine bank of cylinders is possibly in danger of serious damage and it is all down to the foresight of the Abingdon engineers in making provision for a LHD car!

On the air collector box - that is the box that bolts to the carburettors - there are, on the rear face, two studs one on the right hand side to which the choke cable clip is secured and one on the left which was provided to secure the choke cable on LHD cars. There have been a number of incidents
of the left hand stud falling out into the carburettor intake and being consumed! BL did issue a service note on the subject (17th February 1975) but regrettably I only discovered this after my engine had an attack of the colly-wobbles when the bolt was injested! Luckily it only damaged two valves and nibbled the piston but while I had the engine apart, new cam tappets and other parts were deemed necessary - and what a difference they make. Anyway the remedy for securing the unused stud on the air box is very simple. Fit a No. 10 unf nut and

spring washer locked onto it to prevent the stud falling into the intake. Judging by the number of MGBGTV8s we have seen without this modification, it seems very few people have read the service note! Go and do it now before it's too late!

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