FilterMag magnetic oil filter wrap

Even with a good quality oil filter there will be abrasive particles circulating in the engine lubrication system producing engine wear. Normal oil filters catch particles larger than 25 micron but smaller particles pass through the filter and continue to circulate in the oil. These particles are small enough to fit between bearing surfaces to continue the wear cycle. A recent thread on the V8 Bulletin Board sought information and opinions on where a good quality magnetic sump plug for an MGV8 could be sourced. The thread produced an alternative which could prove attractive to MGV8 enthusiasts with a remote oil filter.
John Hale launched the thread saying "I have been trying to locate a good quality magnetic engine sump drain plug for my RV8 and I note the thread size is a little unusual - M21 x 1.75mm. Does anyone know of a good quality item? I have asked Oldhall Performance who are importers of the "Gold Plug" to research it for me but they say it may have to made as a "special". It may seem a little over the top but I don't like the thought of pumping bits of metal around my oilways and bearings when they could be held out of harm's way. Any information or even opinions would be appreciated."
In subsequent postings it was recognised there is a magnetic drain plug for the gearbox but the size of that plug is M24 x 1.75mm.
Bob Owen
posted a contemplative note reviewing low cost DIY options of making a magnetic plug using an existing drain plug by fixing a rod magnet to it, but then asked the question "just how much magnetic swarf do you get in a well running engine? If manufacturers thought a magnetic engine sump drain plug was useful I'm sure they would fit them - or am I missing something? On the other hand I can't see any harm and it just might do some good!"
Victor Smith responded saying "following a search I found a company called Evolution Chips in Blackpool who offer magnetic drain plugs and contacted them to see if they could supply one for the Rover V8 engine in an RV8 but they responded that they did have a listing for the vehicle or the M24 x 1.75MM size. I also spoke with Clive Wheatley who mentioned the remote oil filter with a magnet has become too expensive so he has stopped stocking it. Searching further for magnetic sump drain plugs I came across a US company called FilterMag which
offers a semi circular (on plan) magnetic guard which wraps and clamps round the outside of an oil filter and uses its powerful magnets to attract any iron particles passing by, even very small ones. I also found an interesting video clip on YouTube showing the FilterMag wrap. "
The FilterMag website notes "the FilterMag SS365 Oil Filter Magnet fits oil filters with a diameter from 3.50" to 3.90" (which covers all Land Rover V8 applications including the Land Rover Genuine Parts ERR3340 Oil Filter and K&N HP-3001 Performance Oil Oil Filter). The eight Neodymium magnets attract and trap metal particulates as small as 2 microns in size and holds them tightly against the oil filter's walls. The SS365 will immediately begin cleaning your engine's oil without restricting or otherwise affecting the oil flow.” They are shown on the website as on offer at US$60 plus P&P. The company is based in Torrance, CA USA.
Further searching revealed the topic of magnetic oil filters came up on a thread on the original V8BB back on 2007 and the conclusion then was the replacement filter GFE121 did not have a magnet in it - Ralph Coulson cut open an old filter to make a check! At the end of that thread Gavin Bailey mentioned he used a FilterMag wrapper for an MGV8 remote oil filter."
John Hale was pleased with the information and views but said "I am working on the idea of fitting a strong magnet to an existing drain plug" and had contacted a magnets supplier to get their advice on the range of use of their magnets and their oil and temperature resistance resistance as "the last thing I want is fragments of rare earth magnets all round the engine!" He added he probably wouldn't go to US$60 plus P&P for a magnetic wrap which comes back to Clive's point of the escalating cost of filter magnets."
In an subsequent update from John Hale he mentioned he had "just trawled through the American Land Rover related website with the filter wrap which you mentioned and it makes very interesting reading on this subject - a good read for any sceptics!"
Alan Rennie noted that on that webpage "the photo showing the material caught by the magnetic oil filter wrap was quite a sight and as the wrap can be used again and again I am thinking US$60 plus P&P may not be so expensive for an effective trap. It can catch small particles the filter cannot stop. Furthermore removing the material trapped by the wrap is simple - it goes out with the old filter when you do an oil change. I think the wrap looks good value for money

FilterMag magnetic oil filter wrap

for a powerful magnet wrap enhancing the oil filter performance."
Ian Haynes responded saying "FilterMag wraps are available in the UK from First Four Offroad in Honiton and I have one (part number SS375) clipped to the oil filter in my RV8. They are currently £43.80 including VAT plus P&P. Hope that helps anyone thinking of fitting one." Victor Smith experienced difficulty finding the part on their website and Ian responded saying the website is www.firstfour.co.uk but the problem is if you type SS375 or FilterMag in their search box it cannot find it, but their telephone number is 01404 891121."
Victor Todman then said "the FilterMag wrap is sold by SC Parts near Gatwick in Surrey as part number 481134 and mine cost £37.82 in 2013. Since it is fitted to the oil filter I can't see it doing the same job as a magnetic sump plug, but it is effective at keeping the oil clean. Before using it the engine oil in my V8 was always black when drained for the 3,000 mile change but now it is only slightly discoloured. They sell a tool for cutting up the the used oil filter to see how much metal has been trapped, but I am not ready to find out just yet! They also list magnetic plates (part number 481145 and 258526) for attaching to the engine sump but obviously these give no opportunity of seeing the trapped particles, nor removing them, unless the sump is dropped and cleaned." Their current price (August 2015) for the FilterMag wrap is shown as £48.74 including VAT plus P&P. See the SC Parts website for more information.
An illustrated information note on the FilterMag oil filter wrap was prepared and posted to the V8BB - you can see a copy here.
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