Checking you have the right plastic mesh for a grille refurbishment

Keith Belcher is nearing the end of a thorough refurbshment of his chrome bumper MGBGTV8. He sought some help in how to identify the original style of plastc mesh in the grille. (Feb 16)

The old unit, which was a 90's repro item, had a badly faded chrome grille surround which would not clean up. Also I was never fond of the anodised finish on the original items. Fortunately I obtained an original chrome on brass MGC grill in which I have replaced the slats with the honeycomb from the repro mesh panel.

See comparative photos. More

An original grille mesh fitted to a chrome bumper MGBGTV8.

Reproduction grille mesh from the 1990s
- you can see the bold feature on the mesh panel is reversed.
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