Glycol and silicone brake fluids
Glycol and silicone brake fluids topic
The use of silicone brake fluid in classic car brake and clutch systems has been a topic of interest to MGV8 enthusiasts as we have seen from V8NOTE228 and the sequels released back in June 2001 and the brake fluids thread on the V8BB in November and December 2008. So here we are gathering together useful references with facts and comments on the key issues and concerns. The references will be expanded as more material is identified.

Brake failure thread on the V8BBV8 - November 2008. More
Review of articles on brake fluids. More
Glycol and silicone brake fluids
An article setting out the available facts and key concerns with the use of silicone brake fluid in classic cars like the MGBGTV8, MGBV8 Roadster and RV8 models has been prepared by Bob Owen. The article is well researched and provides a balanced and dispationate assessment of the key issues and concerns. More

If you have any views or experience of either success or difficulties with the use of silicone brake fluid, do send them to the V8 Webmaster who will ensure they are sent on to Bob Owen. V8 Webmaster
Previous V8 Workshop Notes on the brake fluid topic:
V8NOTE228 - servo failure & brake fluid.
V8NOTE228A - additional notes on the debate - silicone or mineral brake fluid for V8s?
V8NOTE228B - extra note with the views of Georg Muller on silicone fluid.
Note: the author of the article, the MG Car Club and the V8 Register and its officers and committee members take no position in recommending or not any particular type of brake fluid. If in doubt consult an MG specialist service provider. As with any other change from manufacturer's specification for your car, you should inform your insurance company if you change brake fluid from that originally specified.
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