123 Ignition - replacement distributor for the V8
Replacement distributor for the MGBGTV8
In his comprehensive V8NOTE365 in which he reviewed the options for replacement ignition systems for the MGBGTV8, Gordon Hesketh-Jones mentioned that a system developed in Holland was available from SC Parts Group. Dr Gavin Bailey has sent in a copy of the details provided by SC Parts Group which will be of interest to fellow members. (5.10.07)

Dr Gavin Bailey received this brief email message today from SC Parts Group (see copy alongside) with an attachment which is a copy of the installation guide to fitting the 123 Ignition system as a PDF file. The file is quite large at 2.53MB.

Download 123 Ignition installation guide
123 Ignition V8 distributor
I have attached the fitting instructions as a pdf file for the new product we are doing which replaces the distributor on the Rover V8 models with selectable ignition advance, varable dwell, spark balancing etc. You can contact me below for more information if needed or if you want to purchase one for a car you can contact me at below.

Mark G Montague
SC Parts Group SW
Tel: 01278 457372
Fax: 01278 424590
V8NOTE365 - comments on the 123 Ignition system from Gordon Hesketh-Jones. (Feb 07)

123 Ignition

Based in Holland this company has for many years produced new distributors for a wide range of continental classic and vintage cars, then some years ago started to make counter-clockwise kits for UK cars. Their approach however is quite different from the firms listed above (in V8NOTE365) in that they dispense with the points-operating cam, the bob-weights and the points box and also the (worn) top bearing. Their view is that it makes no sense to fit fancy electronics which would be triggered by the old cam, which with worn bearings and old bob-weight springs, could have differing moments of velocity at various points in the rotation.

They provide two small strong magnets which slip onto the drive pins which previously held the advance weights, and then their ignition kit is simply bolted on. This is a very logical approach, and although the basic system is Hall effect, an LED is also fitted to allow simple static timing. Their kit for the MGBGTV8 will cost £213.00 including VAT and postage. At the moment their kits for the MGB and

the TR6 have been on sale for some years and there have been very favourable reports. The V8 version incorporates as standard 16 different advance/retard curves (you can choose which to use using the rotary dial on the base of the unit) and also variable dwell control so that you can vary the voltage developed by the coil. The electronics is also said to incorporate "spark balancing" to equalise the performance between different cylinders. These units are now available from SC Parts on tel 01278 457372.