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Reimporting an RV8
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RV8 reimporters
see our listing of specialist RV8 reimporters recommended by our members
RV8 reimporters

News of RV8s at auction
in Japan
see our
RV8 auction news

Australian RV8 website run by Jim Dolbel is a very useful site dedicated to the MG RV8 model
Australian RV8 website
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Good support is available online and in our RV8NOTES series

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Nippon Denso starter

RV8 SS exhaust

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V8 Spares for V8s and RV8s offered for sale by V8 enthusiasts and V8 specialist traders.

RV8 Workshop Notes
a useful series of maintenance and spares tips contributed by members and published by the V8 Register on CD in Word and PDF formats

Outline summary of the series
of the series with a the front cover of each volume and a brief description of the contents.
Outline summary

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Check you vehicle status, MOT and insurance status plus links to online tax & SORN. More
How easy is it to get a personalised registration?
George Wilder's article shows it is straightforward getting a personalised registration fom the DVLA. (4.8.10) More
Avoid the Thatcham 2
alarm retrofit nonesense!

This useful tip can save you an unnecessary additional expenditure
RV8 insurance tip

RV8 tyre pressures
Copy of the data from page 120 of
the RV8 Owner's Handbook

RV8 tyre pressures

Tyre sidewall marking explained
See our article with full details. More

Wheel alingment data
Copy of page 2 General Data from the RV8 Repair Manual AKM7154ENG. More
RV8 power steering
First impressions. More

Codes, Certificates and Vehicle Data
for MG Rover cars

Useful service, More

RV8 colours?

Not sure of the name of the Factory colour for your RV8?
MG RV8 colours

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