Checking VED, insurance and MOT status for a car

With a classic car, it is very easy to overlook when an MOT test is due or that you need to tax or SORN the car, so here are some useful links to online services which could help you avoid difficulties with the DVLA or police.

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Vehicle Enquiry Service (VES) - an online service for checking the information held on its database for a vehicle.To make an enquiry you will need the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRN - number plate), and the vehicle make. It's important you enter the VRN in the DVLA format - for example MGV 888M not MGV 888 M. The online report will tell you when your Vehicle Excise Duty/SORN and MOT is due to expire. VES search
Motor Insurance Database or MID is a central database of currently insured vehicles. It is worth checking as mistakes have been known in recording the information provided by insurance companies. Take care. it can take 5 days for your insurer to update the MID. askMID search & MID concerns
Check the MOT history of a car - the GOV.UK website has a website where you type in the registration (VRN) of the car - making sure you use the right format MGV 888N and not MGV 888 N - and up pops the report. MOT history search
Tax online - you will need either the 16 digit reference number from your renewal reminder, or the 11 digit reference number from your Registration Document and your vehicle registration mark (VRN or number plate). VED application & guide
SORN online - you can declare a SORN on your car using the online service on the GOV.UK website. SORN application
MOT check service
Please note that the results of MOT tests carried out before the new computerised system was introduced in April 2005 are not held on the database.
Conditions of Use: You may use the GOV.UK site to obtain information about MOT tests on a vehicle in which you have a legitimate interest. For example, you are the owner, registered keeper or are about to buy the vehicle. The use of this site for other purposes is not authorised.