New lightweight, hi-torque, high performance V8 starter motor

Nippon Denso is producing a lightweight, high performance starter GXE4442X for the MGBGTV8, MGBV8 Conversions and Costello MGBV8s. The leading MG parts supplier, Moss Europe, is supplying these units for the V8 at £199.75 including VAT.

The Nippon Denso starter motor is far more powerful than either the inertia or pre-engaged Lucas starters and much lighter compared with most pre-engaged units. The power enhancement comes from the motor running at a much higher speed which is geared to provide the correct engine cranking speed. This in turn requires a lower current, so the voltage drop when cranking is reduced, particularly in a cold climate with high compression engines. With a Nippon Denso starter, you will have an engine which will always start as long as it is set up correctly.

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Fitting a Nippon Denso starter is no more difficult than the starter it replaces and because of the compactness of the unit, it is much easier in many cases. Wiring changes are minimal and these are set out in the fitting instructions included with each unit.

The Nippon Denso units are brand new, non exchange powerful, high torque starter motors. They are lighter too and a direct replacement for the original equipment. So no more costly rebuilds or excessive battery drain.

News of the Nippon Denso starter motor for the V8 was first announced in the V8 Spares Updates distributed to V8 Register members by email during June 2000. An announcement in the September 2002 issue of Safety Fast! that Moss Europe are supplying these units is good news.

For further details or to order a Nippon Denso V8 starter motor, contact Moss Europe on 0208 867 2000 or at