What do the auction sheets used at the car auctions in Japan look like and what information do they provide?

The notes around the vehicle outline above refer to the paintwork and any dents, scratches or other bodywork damage or repair

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Auction sheet
The auction sheets are prepared by the assessor (the auction's inspector) and whilst the form used by the various auctions may be different, but the contents are generally very similar. An auction sheet is prepared for each car sold by the auction house and notes the key facts, condition and grading of the vehicle. The VIN is in the bottom right hand corner of the sheet - 1530 in this example.

The auction sheet is available inside each car at the auction together with the keys, so the car can be started up and tests made of the electrics, clutch and other functions.

The Auction Grade of Zero, R or A will mean the car has had an accident repair. It might still be a good car of course, and the report shows each panel replaced and lists repairs done. Grades 1, 2 and 3 are perhaps worse than these as they will have damage (scratches and dents) which have not been repaired. Grade 4 is a good, clean straight used car, with Grade 5 meaning "as new". Grade 4A or 4.5 is therefore "excellent", while 4B is worthy of a grade 4 but does have some blemishes, usually filler. The Interior Grade is worth noting as well.

The report will tell you the mileage (in Km) with a question mark boldly inserted should there be reason to doubt the odometer. It will also tell you whether there is a service history or not. You cannot see the books before buying the car but at least you know they exist.

(notes provided by Chris Watkins of HS Imports in the UK)

RV8 auction reports - translation of Japanese terms

Many of the RV8 auction reports have the note "seats worn and dirty" which is puzzling as many of the RV8s
at auctions in Japan tend to be low mileage vehicles. See our note on "seats worn and dirty" for an explanation.

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