Thinking of getting a MGV8 and would welcome a discussion with a V8 enthusiast?
If you are thinking of getting a Costello V8, Factory MGBGTV8, MGBV8 Conversion, MG RV8, MG ZT260V8 or an MG SV and would like to talk with a V8 enthusiast with the model you are seeking, then we have a panel of members who will be happy to discuss what you need to know about the model and look for when you inspect a car for sale.

We also have a series of useful guides we have developed with a concise briefing highlighting the key areas of concern you will need to check out. Of course you will also need to make the prudent checks you should make when buying any car - to help you there is an additional note on those checks. More

Our panel of V8 Register members will be pleased to help you.
Factory MGBGTV8
Howard Gosling, Angus Munro and Victor Smith

V8 Roadster & MGBGTV8 Conversions
Chris Hunt Cooke, Howard Gosling and Geoff King

Costello V8 Roadster & MGBGTV8
Victor Smith

Clive Wheatley and Steve Newton

MGZT260V8 & MGZTT260V8
Colin Murrell

David Reid

Contacts for panel members
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