Rover Testbook
What is Rover Testbook?
Some thirty years between the original MGB launched in the early sixties and the MG RV8

Outwardly the MG RV8 appears a classic sports car but underneath the bonnet it is a very modern car with sophisticated engine management systems. Monitoring and maintaining those systems requires computing power which is where the state-of-the-art Rover Testbook comes in with its new system of fault diagnosis.

A stunning sportscar at its launch, the RV8 is still very good looking classic sports car over ten years later!

The MG RV8 continued the Breed at a difficult time for Rover and is now a much sought after classic MG

The Rover Testbook kit mounted on a trolley for easy access to cars during servicing at Brown & Gammons

All MG Rover dealers have Rover Testbook because the new range of MGs - the F, TF, ZR, ZS and ZT - need the system for servicing and fault diagnosis. Brown & Gammons, the MGV8 specialists at Baldock in Hertfordshire, have the system too and explain on their informative website that "the ECU on the MG RV8 is connected to the Rover Testbook computer which then reads the car's "log of events". It then analyses the information, traces back to where the fault originally occurred and what caused it, and then points the technician to where the problems lies. This eliminates the hours spent trying to diagnose the fault by more traditional "trial and error" methods. This ultimately saves time which is reflected in the labour charge" on your service bill! Just remember to mention this as Malcolm and his team make up your next service invoice when you are at Baldock!

RV8 engine bay - a compact space

The RV8 Workshop Notes covering Rover Testbook and the RV8 diagnostic plug (or DLC) are:
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