Useful links
Abingdon Works Centre - MG Car Club
Auto Colour Library for auto paints
British Car Cottage Industries
British Motor Heritage - body plant at Witney - US MGV8 group producing “The British V8 Newsletter”
Brown & Gammons - a leading MG specialist & parts supplier
Burblers - Anglia Centre natter website, part of the MG Car Club naturally
Car and Classic - a leading website for classic car enthusiasts
Cleevewood Garage - classic & sports car specialists
Clive Wheatley mgv8parts - a leading MGV8 specialist & parts supplier
Halls Garage - motor engineers & sports car specialists
Lumenition - suppliers of electronic performance products
MGB Hive - the "MGB Specialist" & parts supplier
MG Car Club - the leading club for MG enthusiasts - gateway to a vast amount of MG material - a dedicated RV8 site
MGs on Track - the MG Car Club team organising track days - a useful site for MGB owners
Micheldever Tyres & Auto Services
Midland Sports & Classics - MGB parts suppliers
Moss Europe - the leading MG parts supplier
Nepean Classic Cars
Peter Best Insurances Services - a leading broker for MG cover
Polybush - polyurethane suspension bushes for MGBs
PTP - link with the original equipment manufacturers
RPI - the V8 engine specialists
Sacramento Valley MG Car Club
Sussex Classic Car - supplier of MGB parts
Triple-C - an internet poster site
Tyres Online - tyre test information site
V8 Conversions information
V8 Owners Forum
This link takes you straight to the homepage of MG Car Club website. It provides full details of how to join the MG Car Club or renew your subscription to the leading members' club for all MG enthusiasts.

Abingdon Works Centre - MG Car Club
The Centre celebrates 25 years as a Centre within the MG Car Club. It was formerly the Works motor club at Abingdon, the spiritual home of the MG Car Company, the Centre covers the much wider area of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire.
An RV8 website run by Jim Dolbel in Australia which provides useful information on the MG RV8 model. Many of the maintenance and spares tips and notes are copied from our RV8 Workshop Notes series with credit to the individual authors. Jim Dolbel recommends RV8 enthusiasts to join the V8 Register and promotes our RV8 Workshop Notes series as an excellent source of information on maintaining the
This website is a gateway to a vast amount of MG material including much about the MGBV8 and MGBV8 Conversions.
Clive Wheatley mgv8parts provides and full spares and servicing facilities for the RV8 and MGBGTV8 models together with full servicing, mechanical rebuilds and V8 conversions. He supplies V8 parts for maintaining MGBGTV8s including gearbox laygears for the MGBGTV8 and rocker covers and parts needed for MGBV8 conversions.
The V8 engine specialists RPI based near Norwich are well know for their V8 engines in various states of tune. They also supply chips for performance and fuel consumption improvements. Their website is not only one of the most attractive and well designed sites you will come across but the content is particularly interesting and enjoyable to browse.
This is a good source of information for any V8 enthusiast considering or carrying out an MGBV8 Conversion.
This site claims to be the web's most complete source of automotive colour standards available online today. is a new free reference site containing thousands of original paint manufact-urers' colour chip cards and standards that date back to the pre-1920s. The site claims to have "the web's only colour search engine designed to display quickly colour chip cards, factory paint codes and paint specifications for most domestic and imported automobiles". The site also adds "by the way, we also have factory standards and formulae to make most any color you find in the AutoColour Library in all PPG automotive finishes as well as the old standby acrylic lacquer".
An internet poster site with posters of the MG RV8 and much more MG material for sale plus useful links to other websites. John Barnes reports that his "son, who lives in New York, purchased an MG RV8 Dealer poster (size 1200mm by 700mm) from them over the internet at a cost of US$15.99 and the postage to New Zealand was a further US$11.00" John says he has "had the poster block mounted which looks great but he has not decided where it should be hung". All he does know is his "wife is adamant it will not be in the house so it looks like the garage will have another addition!"
PTP is the link between the original equipment manufacturers and the specialist car companies with one off specifications. In the case of Morgan, they offer engines in various specifications all the way up to NAS (North American Spec) which complies with US emissions requirements. These Morgan spec engines have significant differences that are of considerable use for installations in the MGB chassis.
Paul Hunt is a V8 enthusiasts who has put together one of the most useful websites for MGB owners. The site caters for almost all situations found by owners of MGB and MGBV8 models and is particularly strong on the electrical side.
Moss-Europe, the leading supplier of MG spares, have a good website which is essential viewing.
Brown & Gammons, a leading supplier of MG parts and with a first class workshop capable of carrying out MG servicing, maintenance and complete rebuilds on MGBV8 and MG RV8 models.
MGB Hive, the "MGB Specialist", is another leading parts supplier with offers on V8 conversions parts from time to time.
Peter Best Insurance Services is a leading broker for specialist policies for classic sportscars like the MGBGTV8 and the MG RV8. Their Abingdon Policy is a classic car, limited mileage and agreed value scheme. The people at PBIS are very helpful and most pleasant to deal with.
Sussex Classic Car are suppliers of parts for the MGB.
Midland Sports & Classics are suppliers of parts for the MGB.
Polybush supply polyurethane suspension bushes for the MGB. See the article in the February/March 2002 issue of MG World.
Lumenition supply MG performance products - electronic, optronic and magnetronic ignition systems, and performance ignition leads.
Halls Garage is a motor engineer and sports car specialist in Lincolnshire. Their MGBV8 has won the MG Car Club's BCV8 Championship Class C Control V8 for the past two years.
Tyre test information website which provides useful information on brands and specifications of tyres which could be replacements for RV8s and MGBV8s.
Micheldever Tyres & Auto Services is a supplier of tyres, batteries, exhaust systems and shock absorbers near Winchester in Hampshire which has been recommended by several members as providing a very good service.
The Sacramento Valley MG Car Club was formed in 1978 to promote the preservation, maintenance, restoration and enjoyabe use of MGs by its members. It's a good looking website run by an enthusiastic and friendly team.
MGs on Track is a new branch of the MG Car Club which is organising Club Track Days at various circuits around the UK. They are proving very popular with many Club members, but particularly V8 enthusiasts. For the latest news on forthcoming Track Days, details of how to book and how to register for the MGoT email newsletter, visit the useful MGoT website.
The V8 Owners Forum, run by Tony Cooper, accepts any vehicle with any form of V8 power. The group's website has a free classifieds section, a huge links database and also runs the V8 Owners Register.
Nepean Classic Cars is involved in the sale, service and restoration of all MG models. Their premises have a panel workshop, paint shop, mechanical repairs workshop, an in-house upholstery shop, spares counter and car sales. They have been operating for 17 years and are "committed to client satisfaction". They sell MG spare parts (new and used) in Australia and overseas, and also perform car sales and services in all Australian states and territories.
Jim Dolbel recoomends Nepean says the company "was built as a successful business by Don Cubbin" and "has also supported the MG Car Clubs in New South Wales with subscriptions and adverts in the monthly magazine". Jim recommends them.
British Motor Heritage body plant at Witney produces bodyshells and a host of other replacement parts for MGB Roadsters and MGBGTs and distributes them through its Heritage Approved Specialists.
Cleevewood Garage is a specialist classic and sports car trader in Downend near Bristol with particular experience of RV8s. is a US group of enthusiasts for performance modified British sports cars including MGBV8s. Their website is also the home of “The British V8 Newsletter”, formerly “The MG V-8 Newsletter”, which has been published in the US for many years. You can read the current issue for free on their website, or find information in the fully searchable archive of back issues. There is also a photo gallery of V8 powered MGBs, RV8s and other classic British sports cars - currently about 4,300 big, clear photos. A recent addition to their website is a message board.
British Car Cottage Industries is a Canadian web site is devoted to enthusiasts who are making items for our classic cars but are not what one would call "commercial". So if you know of anyone who is making interesting (or dull) items please point them to This applies to services as well.
Burblers are an Anglia Centre natter group with a monthly natter at the Bird in Hand at Wreningham.
Car and Classic is the UK's No 1 web site for Classic Cars - see independent Hitwise Report. They are the largest, the busiest and most successful classic car website.
The website provides two useful reciprocal links for the V8 Register.

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