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Useful RV8 references

Useful references
Driver's Handbook
Service Record AKM7150
RV8 Repair Manual AKM7153 (an essential document for RV8 enthusiasts - contact Clive Wheatley for copies)
V8 Engine Manual AKM7154ENG
Owner's Info Portfolio AKM7158
Parts Catalogue MG RV8 AKM1203 (available only on microfiche or as a print off if you can get one)
Gearbox manual (LT77S) AKM7155ENG (original gearbox)
Gearbox manual (R380 box) AKM7225 (replacement from VIN 0644)

MG RV8 bodywork colours
The standard and optional colours and the paint codes are set out below. Please note each paint code shown below is prefixed by "BLVC":

Standard colours:
Black 0644
BRG (Metallic) 0617
Caribbean Blue (Pearlescent) 0911
Flame Red 0818
Nightfire Red (Pearlescent) 0916
White Gold (Metallic) 0933

Optional colours at extra cost:
Le Mans Green (Pearlescent) 1202
Old English White 1205
Oxford Blue (Pearlescent) 1203
Woodcote Green (Pearlescent) 1204

Stone Beige leather SMJ

See RV8 Workshop Note 125 for more information on RV8 paint colour codes.