Registering an MGV8 overseas

MGR C&C Services Ltd has been set up to provide codes, certificates and vehicle data for MG Rover cars as a service on behalf of, and with the authority of, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the Administrators of MG Rover LTD in Liquidation.
MGR C&C Services is authorised to supply a selection of Codes, Certificates and Vehicle Data as a service to persons and organisations that can prove they have a right to the information. The charges for this service are approved by PwC and are set out on the company's website. The items currently available are:
> European Certificates of Conformity
> Dating Certificates
> Selection of Vehicle Details e.g. Specification, Paint Code/Colour
and Radio Codes
> Ignition Codes
> Emergency Key Access Codes

All information provided is only as good as the information in the original MG Rover databases. MGR C&C Services accepts no liability however arising in respect of the issue of any Codes, Certificates or Vehicle Data and therefore are unable to refund any monies paid
. (Copyright acknowledged 12.9.08)
Michael Bernhard (RV8 Woodcote Green 1169) says he was able to obtain all the necessary papers to register his RV8 in Switzerland and found the Technical Data Sheet and Type Approval and Dating Letter on official MG Rover stationery can be obtained from MGR C&C Services Ltd.
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