Running an MGBGTV8?
At its launch in 1973, the understated MGBGTV8 was well received and has remained a popular car with V8 enthusiasts.
MGBGTV8 profile
MGBGTV8 brochures
Adverts to remember

MGBGTV8 Press Pack 1973
Guide to buying or selling
Talk with an MGV8 enthusiast

Top tips for a new V8 enthusiast

Creation of the MGBGTV8

Don Hayter, the design engineer at the MG Plant in the 1970s, gave a talk on the concept, development & production of the MGBGTV8 supported by Geoff Allen. A 28 page transcript is available on CD in Word and PDF formats.
Don Hayter Talk 2002

MGBGTV8 insurance

Classic car cover

Unleaded fuel?
Can I use unleaded fuel in my MGBGTV8? It's a regular query from members - our V8NOTE216 provides a clarification.

Recommended lubrication chart
For a copy of the chart in the Driver's Handbook AKD8423 (4th Edition)

Lubrication chart

V8 gearbox & overdrive reconditioning
List of specialists recommended by our members
V8 gearbox

Workshop and Parts Manuals
for the MGBGTV8


MGBGTV8 ride height

MGBV8 Conversions
The fastest growing section of the V8 Register

V8 Conversions
One of the most useful & authoritative sources of information on V8 Conversions is Roger Parker, a longstanding member of the V8 Register.
V8 Conversions note

How to give your MGB V8 power

This is the book any enthusiast considering a V8 Conversion project should read. The author is Roger Williams and it has a wealth of useful information.

Review of updated third edition

Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) scheme

V8 engine number reference table

V8 engine size and weight
. More

Back axle alternative
for MGBV8 Conversions
Chevy rear axle

Examples of V8 Conversions
Tahiti Blue 4182
Glacier White 4327
Tartan Red 4029
Brooklands Green 0587

Upgrading your twin 6 volts to a modern
12V battery

Guide to the options. More

Overdrive unit on an MGBGTV8
See a set of photos of the Laycock Type LH overdrive unit. More
Spares & technical support
Good support is available online and in the extensive spares and maintenance information in the V8NOTES series.

V8 Spares News
V8 spares for sale
Nippon Denso starter
Alloy rads & tanks

V8 Spares for Sale

V8 Spares for V8s and RV8s offered for sale by V8 enthusiasts and V8 specialist traders.

V8 Workshop Notes
a useful series of maintenance and spares tips contributed by members and published by the V8 Register on CD in PDF format.

Outline summary
of the series with a the front cover of each volume and a brief description of the contents. More

Full Contents listing
of the series with a summary of each note and convenient links to some of the notes so you can download them to get a feel for the series. More

Detailed Index

so you can look up topics to trace relevant notes on queries you may have.
Download a free copy.

Passport to Service
A continuation sheet has been prepared for the BL Passport to Service book by an ethusiastic member, John Gay. You can download a free copy of the this useful continuation sheet on this website.
Maintenance Record
Continuation Sheet

MGBGTV8 Buyer's Guides
Recently a prospective V8 enthusiast contacted the V8 Webmaster wondering why there was no MGBGTV8 Buyer's Guide available on the V8 Website. A good point and clearly something which is much needed so we now have four guides:

How to buy an MGBGTV8
Detailed guide published in Safety Fast! in September 2008. More

MGBGTV8 Buying Guide
Dave Wellings, a longstanding V8 enthusiast, has produced this very useful note as a summary of what to look for when seeking to buy a good quality Factory built MGBGTV8 in today's market place. (Oct 04)

MGBGTV8 Guide for enthusiasts wanting a V8 for regular use
Gordon Hesketh-Jones has clocked up over 300,000 miles in his V8 and regularly tours his V8 in Europe so is well used to a heavy annual maintenance schedule. His guide addresses issues of interest to a regular V8 user. (Dec 04)

MGBGTV8 Buying Guide Footnotes
The late Geoff Allen, who was at the Factory for over 27 years in Rectifications Department, provides some footnotes to the buying guides. (Dec 04)

Tyre sidewall marking explained
See our article with full details. More

How to register your "old" vehicle

Factory MGBGTV8 toolroll
Contents illustrated. More

MGBGTV8 unit number locations
V8 Register
PO Box 251
Oxfordshire OX14 1FF
Tel: 0208 392 9434
Email V8 Webmaster

MG Car Club
PO Box 251
Oxfordshire OX14 1FF
Tel:  01235 555552
Fax: 01235 533755
MG Car Club website

See earlier V8 Columns & V8 Newsletters, more

Online vehicle checks
& services
Check you vehicle status, MOT and insurance status plus links to online tax & SORN. More

Not sure of the name of the Factory colour for your MGBGTV8?
Body Colours

What were body paint
and trim colour combinations?

Trim colours

How many MGBGTV8s
in each colour?


Codes, Certificates and Vehicle Data
for MG Rover cars

Useful service, More

V8 exhaust manifolds

Rebuilding MGBGTV8s
Photo records of major rebuilds. More

Wheel alingment data
Copy of information from MGBGTV8 Workshop Manual Supplement and from the MGB Workshop Manual. More

How easy is it to get a personalised registration?
George Wilder's article shows it is straightforward getting a personalised registration fom the DVLA. (4.8.10) More