"Seats worn or dirty" is a frequent comment on the RV8 auction reports from Japan - what does this mean?
For some time it has been a puzzle why many low mileage RV8s had "seats worn and dirty" or "interior dirty" on their Japanese auction report. So we contacted a V8 enthusiast with a close knowledge of the auctions in Japan for some explanation.

Just how dirty could an RV8's leather upholstery get in 8,000km?
As an observer (V8 Webmaster), I must say I have been puzzled why such low mileage RV8s (for example Woodcote Green 2179, a 1995 car with only 8,036 km which appeared in a recent auction report) have had auction reports indicating "worn and dirty seats". If that car had been driven at an average speed of 60km/hr, that would mean the driver would have only been in the car for 134 hours or 17 eight hour days ! How dirty can you get leather upholstery in such a few hours? I began thinking that if I were buying a reimported RV8, I would want an motor engineer familiar with RV8s to examine the car very carefully to judge whether that mileage is anywhere near correct. I would also want the Japanese maintenance records checked carefully too.

Light coloured leather with a supple and naturally crinkly finish
Well our member in Tokyo who sends regular reports of the local RV8 auctions, subsequently responded that "a particular auction in Tokyo (USS) often makes that comment about RV8s passing through. I think that compared with most of the other cars that pass through the auctions here, the light colour and supple quality of the leather tends to show the dirt more and is naturally crinkly. I am confident that these cars are genuine mileage vehicles. It is the opinion of the auction appraiser who decides and they often describe the seats as worn or dirty".

So what was the explanation?
Our local V8 enthusiast felt that as most of the RV8s he sees are low mileage cars and have upholstery and interiors which are generally in good condition, he was also puzzled by these notes on the auction reports. So he decided to get to the bottom of this and contacted the auction houses and asked them why they write those comments on the auction

reports when in fact upon inspection the seats seem in a condition which is most acceptable for the mileage? The answer was very Japanese!

"There was a case not so long ago when a dealer was buying an RV8 at an auction for a Japanese customer who on taking delivery rejected the car because he thought the seats were not in good condition. That particular RV8 had recorded 50,000km. The dealer then made a claim against the auction house for not stating the condition of the seats on the auction sheet. Ever since then every auction report from that auction house records every RV8 as "seats worn or dirty"!" It's now a catchall item on the auction report!

"Engine noisy" too - can you believe it!
He has also noted that other auctions put "engine noisy" on the RV8 auction reports just to cover themselves! It seems they don't see and hear many V8 engines in Japan and are worried customers might find engine sounds too throaty and claim!

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