MG RV8 handbooks and manuals
Contents of the CD for convenient reference:
MG RV8 Owner's Handbook
MG RV8 Technical Reveal
MG RV8 Repair Manual
V8 Engine Overhaul Manual

R380 Gearbox Overhaul Manual

LT77S Gearbox Overhaul Manual
MG RV8 Owner's Handbook Supplement
AKM7144/4 6 pages
This six page Supplement published by the Rover Group in 1995 has 13 useful items of additional information for owners with the later RV8 models. Copies available to V8 Register members. More
Rover - Service Insight - MG RV8 Technical Reveal
See a 22 minute video produced for the dealers when the RV8 was launched with a guide to the key features of the RV8 (the security system, how to lower the hood and attach the short tonneau, how to change the engine and back axle oil and how to fill the coolant) and how to carry out some of the service routines. Video
MG RV8 Familiarisation Course
A useful 88 page briefing on the RV8 model. The MG RV8 Repair Manual should be consulted where necessary. Copies available to V8 Register members. More
MG RV8 Service Maintenance Check Sheet
The single page service maintenance check sheet included in the familiarisation course is a useful document for RV8 enthusiasts. Copies available to V8 Register members. More
MG RV8 Maintenance Schedule
A schedule provided by a member of the V8 Register to help fellow members plan and carry out routine maintenance. More
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