RV8 Workshop Notes
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The whole RV8 Workshop Notes series is available on CD. It includes all the volumes below and a very useful detailed Index to the whole series. The front cover photo for each volume is reproduced below together with a summary of the content which will give you a feel for the notes in the series. The documents are in both Word and PDF formats and comes with a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.

Cover photo: BRG 0766, a UK specification MG RV8.

Volume 1 - "First Fifty"
The series started in 1999 with the notes published in the monthly V8 Column in the MG Car Club's magazine, Safety Fast!. The series grew rapidly with notes on the water pump, door mirrors, headlights, petrol tank, RV8 road wheels, wipe blade adjustments, RV8 exhaust system, leathercare for the RV8, hood rattle, windscreen corrosion, starter motor, fuel pump and filters, front wheel bearings, K&N filter maintenance, alternator replacement, and the essential changed part number for the clutch slave cylinder.

Cover photo: Caribbean Blue 0265.

Volume 2
The volume has a useful note on torque settings, gearbox mountings and cross members, steering rack removal, mountings the smaller Club badge, the advance and retard pipe, replacement headlamps, a starting problem solved, and the removal, front wheel arch flares, and refitting of a door glass. The volume also has a very useful RV8 maintenance schedule as a chart.




Cover photo: BRG 0755.

Volume 3
Another volume included notes on the replacement oil rear camshaft oil seal. battery lifters, another on door mirrors, the rear brakes and adjustment, FM radio frequency converters for Japanese specification cars, fascia removal, bonnet hinge alignment, a background note on the RV8 LSD, trim colours, the oil pump cover and washers, the front shock absorbers, brake callipers, exhaust clamps, front coil springs, and the overheat sensors and warning lights for the catalyser.


Cover photo: Woodcote Green 0636 in New Zealand.

Volume 4
This volume started with a note on the differences between the UK and Japanese specification RV8s, a caution on brake servo failures, sourcing RV8 toolrolls and handbooks, cleaning stains from an RV8 soft top and a review of the Renovo soft top care products, dealing with a faulty rear screen zip, reassurance on reimported RV8s, diagnostic plugs on an RV8, reprogramming alarm transmitters on Japanese specification RV8s, immobiliser requirements demanded by some insurers, a thorough article on diagnostic checks with the engine management system, and creating more legroom in the passenger footwell.

Cover photo: Flame Red 0342 of Ian Cranston.

Volume 5
The volume was launched with an article on curing a hot cockpit from an Australian members, fitting a windstop, PAS options for an RV8, RV8 hardtops, a caution on tired tyres with stored RV8s, ECU removal and refit, plastic coolant plug rot, RV8 brake hydraulic system and master cylinder, replacement door cappings, dealing with a noisy rear axle and a back axle refurbishment service, dealing with corrosion on the RV8 front indicator lamp, and an important note on replacement tyres following a survey of members.


Cover photo: Caribbean Blue 0265 at a Sunday lunchtime meeting at the Shoulder of Mutton on Hazeley Heath in Hampshire.

Volume 6
This volume has notes on how to replace that difficult glove box locker plunger switch, a caution on replacement rear brake shoes, a clarification on R380 gearbox lubrication, a source of replacement alternators, a useful RV8 spares checklist, a note on how to lower the back end of an RV8, and more on replacement tyres for the RV8. The Volume takes the series to Note 199.




Cover photo: Oxford Blue 1133.

Volume 7
This volume has 41 useful notes which took the series to RV8NOTE240 contributed by Al Barnett on replacement windscreen glass.John Bolt provided a note on his windstop for an RV8, Gavin Bailey described the benefits of fitting a set of uprated Konis from Clive Wheatley, Peter Tothill reported on his painstaking work on damper adjustment settings, John Bolt provided a definitive note on how many RV8s were built and in which colours, Roger Aldridge and Chris Watkins explained how to fit a frequency expander on a Japanese spec radio, and several members contributed to a note on curing cockpit heat.

Cover photo: BRG 0766, a UK specification MG RV8.

Volume 8
Volume 8 was launched in May 2006 and the first three notes provided a warning on cracked steering rack mounts. Two more notes on reducing heat in an RV8 were quite timely as the UK moved into an exceptionally hot summer period. A new member Stuart Middlemiss contributed a note on checking the PCV air filter is clear. The volume ended with a note from Angus Munro, "Where can I get a touch up!" - the answer, RV8 touch up paint is available at Halfords.

Cover photo: An overhead view of Oxford Blue 0760 in bright sunshine in Cornwall.
Volume 9
The ninth volume was launched in June 2009 with the first note from Hugh Boddington on replacement boot bulkhead clips for his RV8. He had been unable to get them . . . and then saw them in a magazine and found a specialist supplier. The series continues as further contributions come in from V8 members.

Cover photo: BRG 2103.

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