V8 technical support
MGBV8 technical support and information
We have with a successful series of V8 Workshop Notes published as eight volumes. Now available on CD in PDF format. An outline of the various manuals for the MGBGTV8 is available online.
V8 Workshop Notes
- Manuals for the MGBGTV8
MG RV8 technical support and information
We have a successul series of RV8 Workshop Notes published in six volumes on CD in PDF format, a detailed note on Reimporting an RV8, listings of RV8 Reimporters recommended by members of the V8 Register, and an RV8 profile. RV8 Workshop Notes - Manuals for the RV8 - Reimporting an RV8
Technical support and queries
If you have a technical query, contact the technical member on the V8 Committee or leave a message on the online V8 Bulletin Board using the link above right so other members can contribute their advice or suggestions based on their experience of similar cases. Asbestos health issues highlighted. More
V8s & RV8s for Sale
We now have two popular webpages with details of V8s offered for sale by individual members and traders in the UK and overseas.
Click the RV8s for Sale or V8s for Sale rollover buttons on the left.
V8 spares and servicing specialists
See our list of V8 specialists recommended by members of the V8 Register - they are included in a publication available online called the V8LIFELINE.
V8 Spares for Sale
See the V8 Spares for Sale
V8 restoration guides
See useful books on restoring MGBs and MGBGTV8 and our popular MGBGTV8 Rebuild articles. Books and V8 Rebuilds
Buying an MGV8? - see our guides and checklists. More & V8 Helpline
Specialist RV8 website
An excellent and useful website run by Jim Dolbel (Woodcote Green 1705) in Australia is well worth a visit at www.mgrv8.com