New homepage launched
With the launch of a new homepage, a number of members feel they would like to continue to have access to the original homepage with the many links which provide convenient access to a great deal of the content on the website. So via a rollover button on the righthand side of the strip of links at the foot of the new homepage there is a link to this webpage - the original homepage. 140112 More

Reports on V8 Anniversary events in 2013. More

Replacement tyre survey
Survey report
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Our online guide helps you research the MGV8 models, check the vehicle history of a car, check and test drive a car, negotiate a deal and buy safely. Selling advice too. More
MGV8 buyer's guide available
Our guide is one of the best sources of advice for an enthusiast wanting to get an MGBGTV8 or MG RV8. It is packed with tips on how to research the models, how to check a car offered for sale, negotiate a deal, make a safe payment and check you have the necessary documents. It's all in a useful 60 page book. More
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