Over the years many MGBGTV8 enthusiasts have been puzzled over quite when overdrive on third was discontinued because it is clear that cars with chassis numbers (or Car Nos.) of up to at least GD2D1 1200 G and probably higher have overdrive on third whereas some much earlier cars do not. The myth that overdrive on third was discontinued early in the production run can be laid to rest - see V8NOTE368. To try and identify the chassis number change point when the overdrive on third gear was discontinued we are running a simple survey of members on the V8BB. (14.7.07)
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Factory MGBGTV8? Yes No
Colour of the bodywork (original)
Present colour (if changed)
Car No. or VIN
Two, three or four digit number from from the car number in the format GD2D1 NNNN G. Note: this number is vital for the survey.
Was overdrive available on third gear originally? Yes No
Is overdrive on third available today? Yes No
Do you know if your MGBGTV8 had any warranty or later work on the engine, gearbox or overdrive when a modification was made removing the overdrive option from third gear?
Any comments on the usefulness of overdrive on third gear or on any service difficulties you or previous owners have experienced?
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Thank you completing the form and providing the information for the survey. The results are available on the V8 Website and will be updated as further information comes in.