Buying or Selling an MGV8 - useful links
The "So you want to buy an MG?" series
The popular series of MG buying guides published in the MG Car Club magazine "Safety Fast!" provided detailed guides to buying all types of MG. Those guides have highlighted the main features of the models and the key areas of concern prospective buyers will need to check. Helpful information, guidance and support on buying and selling an MG is available on a dedicated Club website at:

uide to Buying an MGV8
See our six page guides for the MGBGTV8 and RV8 models and links to a great deal more useful information:
MGV8 buyer's guide
A buyer's guide called "So you want to buy an MGBGTV8 or MG RV8?" is a useful 60 page book packed with advice on how to research these MG models, how to check a car offered for sale, negotiate a deal, make a safe payment and check you have the necessary documents. It's some of the best information available with a five part guide to buying a classic MG including how to do your research, how to check a car that's for sale, how to negotiate and pay for a classic car and how to buy at auction. There is a sample receipt and advice on making a vehicle data check. Copies of the book are on sale from the Club's office at Abingdon at only £9.95 plus post and packaging. Order from the Club on 01235 555552 or at the online shop on the Club's website at
So you want to buy an MGBGTV8 or MG RV8?
Selling at auction or as a commission sale with a specialist trader?

Buying or selling an MGV8 - it's easier with our guide and online adverts
See our guide to drafting an advert for enthusiasts wanting to buy or sell an MGV8 and the webpage where you can buy an MGV8 for Sale advert on the V8 Website.
Guide to drafting an advert & Buying an advert on the V8 Website
Checklists and useful references
Finding a classic MG for sale
Where can you find classic MGs for sale? More
Club's Trade Member booklet. More
Examples of buyer scams. More
Finding a good MGBGTV8 - a member's story. More

Vehicle data checks
Online services from Autotrader and the AA. More
VED/SORN, askMID insurance & MOT database checks. More
Checklist 1 - contacting the seller
Checklist of questions to ask the seller when making the first telephone call. More

Checklist 2 - inspecting a car
Checklist of the key areas of concern to examine when inspecting a car. More
Understanding tyre sidewall markings. More
MGV8 replacement tyre choices discussed. More

Vehicle inspectors
List of vehicle inspectors known to the Club. More

Checklist 3 - test driving a car
Checklist of the key areas of concern when test driving a car. More

What is a classic car auction like?
See our article on attending an auction at ACA in Kings Lynn. More

Sample receipt
Download a sample receipt you can use to provide evidence of the payment made when buying the car. More

Your legal rights
Guide for buyers and sellers. More

What does corrosion look like in the cills?
See eye-opening photos. More

Getting classic car cover. More
Comparing brokers' quotes. More
Disclosing material facts. More
Continuous insurance enforcement (CIE). More

DVLA/road tax/SORN//driver licence news/MOT
News of the increasing complexity of the road tax or SORN requirements, motor insurance requirements and the photocard licence concerns. More & More

MGV8 price guide
See our guide to MGV8 prices. More
& PriceWatch series
Helpline for MGV8 buyers
Thinking of getting an MGV8 and would like to talk with a V8 enthusiast about the model. Contacts
Are some "private" sellers really traders or dealers?
See our article. More
Do car "wanted" adverts really work?
An article using a case study which shows a wanted advert can help you find a good MGV8. More
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