Guide to Abingdon and the MGV8 test routes
Useful four page brochure helps you find all the local MG places to visit in Abingdon and Oxford

Copies available from Club Office.

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Factory test routes at Abingdon for the MGBGTV8

The MG Guide to Abingdon includes a map of the Factory test routes to the west of Abingon, including the special MGBGTV8 test route. The length of the V8 test route was measured by Malcolm Bailey in March 2011 as 10.6 miles. You can download a PDF copy of the test routes map here.

MGBGTV8 test route - 5 page photo guide from the site of the former Abingdon plant. Photo guide

Factory test route from Cowley for the RV8

The RV8 test route from the BMW Group plant on the Eastern Bypass around Oxford, heads south for Shillingford roundabout near Dorchester. It then heads north to Stadhampton where it turns northwest to return to the plant. Total distance is 21.1 miles.

RV8 Test Route from the Cowley plant. More