The V8 - the MG with effortless performance
Launched in August 1973, the V8 powered MGBGT combined the popular fixed head coupe body style with a powerful three and half litre light alloy V8 engine. The Rover powerplant ran with a reduced compression ratio but an increased torque compared with the similar engines then used in the Rover saloons. The result transformed the MGB, creating a very nimble car with the luxury of multi-cylinder power which was both flexible and economical - features which continue to have a special appeal for V8 enthusiasts today!

MGBGTV8 - Factory publicity photo in 1973

So if you are thinking of getting an MGBGTV8, what do you need to know about the model and look for when you inspect a car for sale? Well our useful guide aims to provide you with a concise briefing highlighting the key areas of concern you will need to check out. Of course you will also need to make the prudent checks you should make when buying any car and to help you there is an additional note on those checks.

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Costello V8 Roadster
So you want to buy an MGBGTV8?
A useful six page guide to buying an MGBGTV8 published as an article in Safety Fast! in September 2008. More

Three useful detailed buying guides
Dave Wellings has carried out a major rebuild of his V8 and highlights keys areas to check. V8NOTE310
Gordon Hesketh-Jones uses his V8 a great deal with over 400,000 miles so his guide is based on his experience of many rebuilds. V8NOTE311
Dave Parker of Mechspec MG Centre gives us the low down on what to look for when buying one of these affordable classics. It's an eye-opener for many! More

Buying a classic MG
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Price guide for an MGBGTV8
A guide to current prices. Guide

MGV8s for Sale
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Background to MGBGTV8
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Manuals you will need for an MGBGTV8
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Useful V8 Workshop Notes
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V8 Workshop Notes series
Spares and maintenance tips contributed by fellow members since 1978 have been compiled as a series of useful notes published in eleven volumes. They are available on a convenient CD.
Summary of the series
Contents of the series

V8 restoration references
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V8 information and support
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Online vehicle checks & services
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MGB V8 Conversions

How to give your MGB V8 power

Roger Williams' book is an authoritative and indispensable reference source for anyone considering a V8 conversion. A review of the third edition of his book is available on the V8 website.

V8 Conversion project - from dream to reality
V8 Roadster Conversions are very popular with V8 enthusiasts and come in a variety of specifications. Here Geoff King (Tartan Red 4309) from Kincardinshire provides a fascinating tale of how his project was conceived and carried out to produce an award winning V8 Roadster with a wonderful specification and performance. More

Hoyle suspension modification
John Hoyle's suspension modification kits are for the V8 Roadster, MGBGTV8 or RV8. More
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