Classic car insurance for an MGV8
Getting classic car insurance cover
The classic car insurance sector provides specialised limited mileage, agreed value cover. Fortunately a group of brokers offer cover for MGV8s at competitive rates. More
Comparing brokers' quotes
For a limited mileage and agreed value set of quotes you need to compare four aspects: the scope of cover, the policy conditions like claims and windscreen excess amounts, additional features, and the premium payable. Feedback on members' claims experience is also useful. See our insurance review in 2008. More
Disclosing material facts
Proper disclosure is a cornerstone of insurance so do disclose all modifications and changes to your car, including extras and improvements fitted like PAS and even upgraded shock absorbers. If material non-disclosure is discovered later, the insurer may void the policy and refuse to pay out the claim. More
Avoiding the new immobiliser nonsense
Some brokers' policies require the original RV8 immobiliser to be replaced by a newer "Thatcham" rated unit. Do not put up with that expensive nonsense, choose a policy that accepts the original factory fitted unit. Peter Best Insurance Services' policies can help you. More
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