MGBGTV8 exhaust manifolds

The cast iron one piece exhaust manifolds for the Factory MGBGTV8 need care when fitting a new exhaust system because the bolt hole flanges can very easily fracture if undue stress is put on them. So it is essential that the pipes of the exhaust system are cramped in or pushed out so they match the cast iron manifolds exactly - it is essential any mismatch is not cured by pulling them up as you bolt the pipes to the manifolds or a cracked flange is very possible. Where a flange does crack all is not necessarilly lost as they can be welded.

Item 24 - BHH1001 Gasket, exhaust
Item 25 - BHH1000 Manifold, LH
Item 25 - BHH999 Manifold, RH
Item 29 - SH50691 Bolt, manifold
From the Moss MGBGTV8 Parts Supplement, page 10. Download a copy

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