Essential manuals for the MGBGTV8

V8 Workshop Manual Supplement AKD 8468
An essential reference document for all V8 enthusiasts covering the engine, fuel system, cooling system, clutch, gearbox and overdrive, propeller shaft, final drive, steering, front suspension, rear suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres, and electrical equipment, together with general information and weights. Do make sure you have the Issue 2 updates. Contents
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  MGB Workshop Manual AKD 3259
The manual covers the chrome bumpered cars from 1974 and went through many editions (the copy here is the 15th Edition for example, 1976) and later with a supplement added at the back for the first rubber bumpered cars. It's the basic reference for V8 enthusiasts which is needed for the many service and maintenance routines on MGBGTV8s which are common with both the MGB, MGBGT and V8 models. It is comprehensive in its coverage.
Where can I get a copy? & MGB/V8 servicing data AKD8470
Students Technical Notes on the MGBGTV8 AKD 5188
The are the technical notes issued to mechanics attending courses at the Factory prior to the launch of the MGBGTV8 in 1973. The notes cover the engine, gearbox & overdrive and were produced for the training courses organised for the dealers before the MGBGTV8 launch. Well worth getting a set. Copies of a BL Heritage approved reprint of these notes have been available from the V8 Register for many years but we are out of stock so a copy of AKD 5188 is with each set of the V8 Workshop Notes. More
  V8 Driver's Handbook AKD 8423
A useful quick reference for V8 enthusiasts with an introduction to the car - controls, instruments, and running instructions plus a section on care for the care for the car covering the cooling system, wheels and tyres, brakes, electrical, ignition, engine, fuel system, steering and suspension, transmission, routine maintenance, general data including tyre pressures, and a lubrication chart. See also Supplement for RB model in 4th Edition.
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MGB Repair Operation Manual AKM 4070 & Supplement AKM4070/1
AKM 4070 replaced AKD 3259 and was available from 1976 onwards. It covers the “deck chair” MGBs and MGBGTs when they came out with changes to the specification – for example the overdrive switch in the gearstick and rear anti-roll bars –
  MGB GT V8 - Technical and Service Notes
Technical and service notes released by the BL Product Training Department in 1973 which provide an invaluable resource for V8 enthusiasts who want to carry out major work on their MGBGTV8. The 23 pages of notes cover torque wrench settings, technical data, the
and later a supplement for the LE wheels was added. This manual did not cover chrome bumpered cars. It also covers the HIF carburettors, 4-synchro gearboxes, MGB wiring loom layout and clips, and lots of tips that you just don't get in the earlier book. The supplement AKM4070/1 (shown above right) contains the wiring diagrams for the USA, Canadian & UK versions of the 1979 model MGB, plus a note of the changes to the camshaft valve timing, and the widening of the plug gaps to .035 in.
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  MGBGTV8 engine, details of the new design features in the model, overdrive fault diagnosis and a section on the gearbox. A copy of these notes is with each set of the V8 Workshop Notes. More
V8 Engine Overhaul Manual - Publication Part No RCL
This overhaul manual is applicable to 3.5, 3.9 and 4.2 litre V8 engines with or without the suffix B added to the engine serial number. Published in 1996 by Rover Technical Communications at Rover Group Limited as Publication No RCL. A copy of this 49 page document is on each set of V8 Workshop Notes. More

It was replaced by "V8 Petrol Engines Overhaul Manuals" LRL0164 and LRL 0004 by Land Rover UK Limited in 1997 and 1998 - see details alongside.
  V8 Petrol Engines Overhaul Manuals - Publications LRL0164 and LRL 0004
Original "V8 Engine Overhaul Manual" Publication Part No. RCL published by Rover Group Limited in 1996 was replaced by "V8 Petrol Engines Overhaul Manuals" LRL0164 and LRL 0004 by Land Rover UK Limited in 1997 and 1998. Copies of these manuals are available from Brooklands Books Limited. LRL0164

An essential reference for any V8 engine rebuild. For Classic Range Rover, Discovery and Defender models. Covers the engine but not bolt-on equipment. 132 pages with many illustrations. SB. SKU: LRP3WH ISBN: 9781855205284.
MGB Parts Catalogue AKM 0039
The original parts manual is an invaluable friend. It may be out of print now but copies appear for sale on eBay from time to time.
Brown & Gammons produce their own MGB/MGBGTV8 Parts Catalogue.
Moss Europe produced their own parts catalogues for the MGB & MGBGT MGL003 and a supplement for the MGBGTV8 MGL001B - see below.
  Moss Restoration Parts Catalogue MGB-07A
Moss Europe produce their own MGB Restoration Parts Catalogue MGB-07A which you can download on the Moss Europe website. Alternatively you can order a copy by email or telephone.
MGBGTV8 Parts Supplement MGL001B from Moss Europe
This useful V8 parts supplement was issued by Moss many years ago but is still a very useful spares reference document with first class exploded diagrams of the engine, oil cooling, clutch, water cooling, exhaust, rear axle, steering, hydraulics, electricals, instruments, external trims and accessories and jacks, tools and wheel caps. Each exploded diagram has a parts list on the opposite page. Download PDF copy
  Moss Europe new MGB & V8 parts catalogue with a section on the MGBGTV8. Download a PDF copy Brown & Gammons MGB & V8 parts catalogue. See the B&G website for copies. More
MGV8parts online MGBV8 parts catalogue
With his contacts in the West Midlands, Clive Wheatley takes on the hard work of getting many NLA parts remade to help MGV8 enthusiasts maintain their cars.
MGV8parts website
  Rimmer Bros V8 engine and MGB catalogues
See Rimmer Bros website
Tuning SU Carburettors 3rd Edition (1973)
This useful manual includes tuning instructions with exploded diagrams of carburettors and maintenance information together with full needle charts. See the Contents & Chapters 3 & 4 and Chapters 8 & 9
First published by Speedsport Motobooks in April 1968, with a second edition in July 1970 and a third in February 1975. Copies can be obtained from specialist secondhand autobook dealers. ISBN 85113-072-0

  Tuning SU HIF Carburettors
Comprehensive notes on tuning and servicing type HIF carburettors
SU Booklet 9940 (AKD7521)
A copy is with each set of the V8 Workshop Notes. More
Understanding how the HIF works
Comprehensive notes on the features and operation of type HIF carburettors SU Booklet 9939A (AKD7902).
A copy is with each set of the V8 Workshop Notes. More
Need to get a starter motor or alternator repaired?
A specialist has been recommended by a number of members, see the entry in the V8LIFELINE.
Burghfield Starter Motor & Alternator Centre

AC DELCO alternator
Comprehensive Service Manual on AC Delco alternators (diode rectified AC generators) was published by AC Delco Europe (part number 071-200 12-74 which supersedes D462 10-73). This manual has good colour photographs and has fault finding flow charts.
  Reunion with a Rover Motor
A useful article published in Car Mechanics in January 1980.

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