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Omnibus Edition is now available!
The whole V8 Workshop Notes series is now available on CD. It includes all the volumes below and a very useful detailed Index to the whole series. The front cover photo for each volume is below together with a summary which will give you a feel for the content of the series. The document is in both Word and PDF formats and comes with a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.

Cover photo: Teal Blue 2101, the first rubber bumper V8, as it appeared on the 1976 BL calendar. Owned by the late Geoff Allen, V8 Historian & Archivist.

Volume 1 - "First Fifty"
The series started in 1978 with the notes published in the monthly V8 Column in the MG Car Club's magazine, Safety Fast!. The series grew rapidly and the first volume was completed at Note 50b) and was then issued as a printed, spiral bound A5 sized book.
Volume 1 includes Note 24 by John Dupont on removing and refitting the engine and gearbox unit. In the updated copy released on the Omnibus Edition CD, there are copies of the Issue 2 pages on the engine and gearbox from the V8 Supplement.

Cover photo: Bracken 1218 on a dry and bright Autumn morning near Marlow by the Thames in Buckinghamshire.

Volume 2
The series grew very rapidly and another twenty notes, taking the series to Note 71, were released as Volume 2 in January 1982.
The topics covered in Volume 2 included several notes on exhaust manifolds and how to avoid cracking, a sequel to the engine and removal note in Volume 1, a clutch slave cylinder note and a note on cooling fan motors - a topic which started Volume 8 over twenty years later!

Cover photo: Damask 0109 in the hands of Tom Studer from Switzerland who owns one of the few Abingdon built LHD MGBGTV8s. Tom was a founding member of the V8 Register in 1978.

Volume 3
Another volume of the Notes was published only a matter of a few months later in May 1982, taking the series to Note 100 - an astonishing sign of the involvement of members in the V8 Register at the time.
The topics covered in Volume 3 included the "back axle clonk" and a controversial modification, several on faults with the alternator, more on exhaust manifolds, and a couple of notes on the fuel tank.

Cover photo: BRG 1022 in the hands of John Targett from Sussex and Ohio USA as he powers by the apex at Madgwick during a GRCC Track Day at Goodwood Circuit.
Volume 4
Two years later in May 1984 a further volume of 75 Notes was published, again in the printed and spiral bound A5 format which took the series to 175 Notes. This has proved to be the largest volume so far.
Volume 4 started with an amusing Note from V8 Historian Geoff Allen with the title "take care - your balls may drop!". The range of topics covered corrosion, more on exhaust manifold bolts, insurance claims, some tips on changing clutch and brake master cylinders, more on the controversial back axle modification, and a host of other topics.

Cover photo: Midnight Blue 0342 owned by Ulf Lindquist in Sweden - a good looking MGBGTV8.
Volume 5
The flow of Notes slowed as many of the topics had been covered and Volume 5 appeared some seven years later in May 1991 with a further 36 Notes taking the series to Note 210. Volume 5 includes more on V8 alternators, a note on the heater valve, how to revive sagging seats, renovating V8 wheels, protection against damp in garages over Winter, a useful tip on the need to prime a replacement oil pump, and a note on unleaded petrol. Also included was a useful "V8 production change points" table.

Cover photo: BRG 5018, a good looking Costello V8 owned by Paul Denton (BRG 5018) from Cornwall.
Volume 6
In 2000 another volume was compiled taking the series to Note 245 but this time it was initially distributed by email as an attachment, but later on CD in both Word and PDF formats.
Volume 6 covers a note on battery management devices, more on unleaded fuel and the limited availability of four star, tips on going the annual le Mans endurance race, replacement gearboxes, an important note on brake servo failure cases, replacing six volt batteries, and classic car insurance.

Cover photo: John Targett (BRG 1022) & Paul Busby (Glacier White 0278), two longstanding members, enjoying a sunny Silverstone V8 Gathering in 2001.
Volume 7
The enormous success of the RV8 Workshop Notes series edited by Bryan Ditchman produced a significant rise in contributions for the V8 Workshop Notes series. In addition, technical queries and tips posted on the bulletin board on the new V8 Website were a major source of Notes.
Volume 7 was completed in January 2003 and covers rear shock absorber performance, a note on replacing the plastic coolant filler plug, replacement tyres by age rather than wear, and yet more on cooling fan motors.

Cover photo: Harvest Gold 1089 owned by Victor Smith, the Editor of the series, at the Hook Norton Brewery in Oxfordshire.

Volume 8
This volume was started and completed within the V8 25th Anniversary Year 2003. It started with a
note from Bryan on maintaining V8 cooling fan motors - some things do not change in 25 years! The volume ended with a note on radar detectors by Victor Smith.

Cover photo: Engine bay of an MGBGTV8 - always an impressive sight.

Volume 9
The new volume was launched with a note from Geoff Allen querying the V8 production total of 2,591 usually quoted by most authors of publications covering the MGBGTV8 - but is it correct? Well as information has gradually come to light, the longstanding V8 Register Historian & Archivist, Geoff Allen, believes there were more than 2,591 V8s! Geoff explains the true total production story!

Cover photo: MGBGTV8 has a generous load space for a sports car.

Volume 10
This new volume was launched in June 2005 with V8NOTE331 on a low brake fluid detector, a warning that several cracked steering rack mounts had been detected, a note of spacesaver wheels from David Waterton, a note on upgrading headlamps from the origina; sealed beam candles to more modern lighting with a Cibie conversion kit and as summer arrived a note from Peter Steyn on making sure the heater valve does in fact turn off!

Cover photo: V8 Roadsters are very popular with V8 enthusiasts.
Volume 11
A clutch of notes launched Volume 11 in July 2006 starting with two on heat in a V8 - a tip to keep the cockpit cooler from John Hornabrook and another with a radiator upgrade from Jamie Trapp. Ian Ailes contributed two notes on the V8 starter motor and Kai Knickmann produced probably the best 12 volt battery conversion using two small Bosch batteries which are virtually the same size as the original 6volt units.

Cover photo: Harvest Gold 0157 sold by Kevin Horsey through the MGV8s for Sale webpage in July 2006.
Volume 12
The series continued from V8NOTE401 with a note of V8BB postings on a query "should the throttle cable be clipped to the pedal box?" and ended with V8NOTE450 with a note highlighting another relay burn out.

Cover photo: Bob Grieves (Black UM Jubilee 2788) on his way to the European Event of the Year at Zug in Switzerland
Volume 13
From V8NOTE451, this is the current volume.

Cover photo: Franck Morand's MGBGTV8, Mirage 0158, at the Le Mans Classic 2012.
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