Take care with road tax, SORN and motor insurance matters
Here we have an index to a series of news items on our website highlighting where you need to take care with the way the DVLA operates its system. If you see any newsworthy items or experience difficulties yourself, do let us know so fellow members can be aware of any pitfalls or new developments.
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News1warning of new SORN arrangements
News2laying up, what is the procedure?
News3SORN case study
News4DVLA's aggressive style
News5take care with your SORN declaration
News6SORN online with DVLA
News7take care with SORNs
News8renewing online
News9another bad SORN experience
News10can you SORN early?
News11more on SORN early
News12continuing insurance proposals
LeafletsDVLA leaflets
Checksonline vehicle checks
CautionDVLA photocard licence surprise
News13check with the ASKMID service
News14important DVLA changes from 9/08
News15DfT proposals - insurance & SORN
News16insurance disclosure
News17tax disc caution - fading details
CautionDVLA photocard licence saga
News18renewals by telephone or online
News19 making a SORN declaration online
News20SORN caution with newly acquired cars
News21vehicle tax (VED) rates
News22Uninsured vehicle hotspots
CautionDVLA number plate requirements V796
News23New V5C document from 15th August 2010
News24New red V5C rollout
News25New MoT certificate
News26EU changes to UK driving licence
News27DVLA warning - stolen V750s
News28Death of car tax disc & update
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