New MGV8 buyer's guide launched by the MG Car Club
Comprehensive and authoritative buying guides can provide just the help enthusiasts need when looking to buy a classic car, not least a classic MG! The new 60 page guide from the MG Car Club covers the big Rover V8 powered MGs - the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 models - and is packed with the useful information and advice a buyer needs when researching the model, checking out cars for sale, then examining selected cars in detail, making essential vehicle data checks and finally negotiating a deal and buying safely.

The new book launched today - "So you want to buy an MGBGTV8 or MG RV8?" - is the first in a series based on the very successful feature articles run as buying guides run in the Club's monthly magazine, Safety Fast! over the last two years. Those guides have been seen as some of the best available - they have been both comprehensive and authoritative as they have been well researched and prepared by Club members who clearly know their individual models very well. More
Content of the book
The MGV8 buying guide contains one page model facts pages together with a detailed buyer's guide for the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 models and a five part section with general advice on buying a classic MG. That includes advice on how to research individual MG models, how to check a car offered for sale, negotiate a deal, make a safe payment and check you have the necessary documents. The fifth part is on buying or selling an MG at auction. Useful additional material includes three checklists - one with a list of questions to ask when first contacting a seller offering a car for sale, the second with a checklist of points to check when inspecting a car and then a third for test driving a car. There is also a sample receipt, advice on making a vehicle data and mileage check, safe payment options, and a reminder on how to register the car with the DVLA once you have completed the purchase. A couple of pages provide information on the support and services from a team of Club members covering the V8 powered MG models and another on the benefits of joining the MG Car Club.
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Sample page
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Whether the buyer is new to the V8 powered MG models or maybe has fond memories as they think back to earlier times when they may have owned an MG Midget or MGB, the new guide on the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 models has good model profiles, detailed buying guides providing a thorough briefing to help research the model well and a wealth of tips on what to look for when checking out a car. It's all in a useful a 60 page book just published by MG Car Club, the leading members' motoring club for MG enthusiasts and owners.

Copies are on sale now from the online Club Shop at Abingdon. Just call the Club on 01235 555552 or visit the online shop on the Club's website at

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