Excitement of the bidding at a classic car auction

Anglia Car Auctions
Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Postcode: PE30 4NB

Auction Enquiries:
Telephone: 01553 771881
You can contact ACA between 9am and 5pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday and Friday from 9am until the sale ends and also on Saturday from 9am to 1pm. ACA will be happy to help you with any enquiry about the auction.

Catalogue extract

Posted: 170131

The auctioneer with his gift of maintaining the essential momentum of the auction with his confident introduction of the "next lot", encouraging bidding to rattle along, occasionally pausing, then reaching a highpoint as the remaining bidders make their instant decisions whether to bid with a continued determination or shake their head in retreat. Finally down comes the hammer. Lot sold. In comes the next car. Article on the ACA auction.

With the RV8 listed as Lot 166 it entered the auction room at around 3.15pm. Following a brisk introduction bidding was rapidly underway and soon settled at £16,500 when the hammer went down. In less than a couple of minutes the RV8 had been driven into the auction room and out through the door between the crowd pressing to see the proceedings. The buyer paid £17,490 including the buyer's premium with VAT of £990. Video clip