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What's an MG RV8 like?
Profile of the MG RV8. More
Photo profile of an MG RV8. More
Factory RV8 brochure. More
Magazine reviews of the MG RV8. More
RV8 cutaway drawing. More

How many RV8s and what colours?
How many RV8s were made? More
Factory colours for the RV8? More

Development of the RV8 - what an extraordinary project

How did the RV8 project happen at MG Rover? Well we have the recollections of the project managers.

Was a hardtop available for the RV8?
RV8 hardtops. More
RV8 hardtop stand. More

Power steering on an RV8?
Gateway to power steering information. More
Review of power steering options. More
Clive Wheatley offers a new EPAS for MGV8s. More
New EPAS system for MGV8s. More
Could the RV8 have had PAS originally? More
Retrofit EPAS system for an RV8. More
First impressions of PAS on an RV8. More
Fitting hydraulic PAS to an RV8. RV8NOTE235

RV8 suspension upgrades and settings
Gateway to suspension information. More

MG RV8 insurance
Getting cover for an MG RV8. More
Comparing brokers' quotes. More
Disclosing material facts. More

Avoid the Thatcham 2 alarm retrofit nonesense!
This useful tip can save you an unnecessary additional expenditure. RV8 insurance tip
Looking for an RV8?
There is plenty of information and support here!

Guide to buying an MG RV8
A useful guide to buying an RV8 first published as an article in Safety Fast! in October 2008. More

This five part guide with three useful checklists and a sample receipt will remind you of all the prudent checks you will need to make when buying any car.
Doing your research
Checking a car that's for sale
Negotiating the deal, making a safe payment and checking the documents
Buying or selling at auction
Checklists and sample documents
Available as a 60 page buying guide. More

Thinking of getting a MGV8 and would welcome a discussion with an RV8 enthusiast?
If you are thinking of getting an MG RV8 and would like to talk with an RV8 enthusiast, then we have a panel of members who will be happy to discuss what you need to know about the model and look for when you inspect a car for sale. RV8 Helpline

Reimporting an RV8 what are the options?
Reimporting basics. More
Reimporting options review note. More
Why do RV8s go to auction in Japan? More
RV8 reimport assurance. More
RV8 auction system in Japan. More
Auction reports from Japan. More
"Worn/dirty" seats on auction reports in Japan. More
Check if you have the RV8 emergency flares. More
Why are there front wing blisters on some RV8s? More

Where can I find the vehicle identity numbers?
Finding the car/VIN & engine numbers. More

Online vehicle checks & and services
DVLA and MID insurance database checks. More
See our series of notes with tips & cautions. More

Where can I get a Heritage certificate and other information on my RV8?
Gateway to RV8 information. More

MG RV8s for sale on the V8 website
RV8s currently for sale on the V8 website. More
RV8s sold on the V8 website. More

Australian RV8 website

A very useful website dedicated to the MG RV8 model
is run by Jim Dolbel. Australian RV8 website

Maintaining an MG RV8
Tyres for an RV8 - replacements & maintenance
Check the age of your tyres with our guide. More
RV8 tyre pressures (page 120 of Handbook). More
Replacement tyre choices discussed. More

V8 spares for sale
V8 spares for MGV8s offered for sale by enthusiasts and V8 specialist traders. More

Concerns with suspension modifications
Panhard rod & castor reduction wedges. More

Top tips for new RV8 enthusiasts
Checklist of the key tips you need. More

Factory manuals for the RV8
Handbook and manuals for an MG RV8 on CD. More

RV8 Workshop Notes - useful spares & maintenance tips contributed by fellow RV8 enthusiasts
Which brake fluid. More
Health issues highlighted. More
Replacement tyre choices discussed. More
RV8 Workshop Notes series contents. More

RV8 maintenance and spares
Recommended spares & service specialists. More
Free detailed index so you can look up topics. More
RV8 airconditioning system tips. More
New RV8 key remotes. More
Radiator shroud stickers. More
What is Testbook? More

Who are the RV8 service specialists in the UK? More
Suspension upgrades and settings. More
Thinking of a Hoyle suspension upgrade? More
Fitting a Hoyle suspension upgade? More
Which brake fluid? More
V8 engine number reference table More
V8 engine size and weight. More
Who are the RV8 service specialists in the UK? More
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