Selling an MGV8 - our guides and checklists will help you
What do you do before you advertise?
Before you place an advert, there are some important stages - check our price guide, browse the adverts, visit a specialist MGV8 trader, draft your advert, prepare your car and then read our tips on selling safely so you are aware of buying scams.
Buy an advert on the V8 website
Buying an advert on the V8 website is the fastest and easiest way to advertise an MGV8 and for no extra charge you can have an additional dedicated webpage with a full set of photos. More
Buy an advert in Safety Fast!
Classified adverts in the Club's 100 full colour monthly magazine reach well over 12,000 regular readers, far greater than some commercial magazines. More
Before you advertise - checklist
Checking our price guide
Browsing the classifieds
Visiting the MGV8 specialists
Where to advertise your car?
Drafting an advert to sell!
Preparing your car for sale
Selling safely
Where are MGV8s selling?
See our online classifieds
Contact specialist traders
See traders' cars for sale
See Safety Fast! classifieds
See magazine classifieds
See car auctions
See eBay car auction adverts
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