Replacement tyres for MGV8s
Replacement tyres for a classic sportscar like the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 has been a topic often discussed by V8 enthusiasts. This note provides links to comments from several V8 Bulletin Board threads on the topic. (26.6.09)

The main issues have been comparative technical performance and price of various replacement tyre choices. Ideally enthusiasts want a tyre with good wet and dry grip and a comfortable ride, all with acceptable wear rates and levels of road noise, plus competitive prices. But how do you obtain the facts on comparative technical performance and the suitability of various tyres as replacements on an MGV8? The difficulty with choosing replacement tyres is each V8 enthusiast fits a new set of tyres only occasionally at intervals of around 8, possibly 10 years, and none of us has the benefit of trying a variety of new tyres before we buy a replacement set so we can make an informed comparative choice.

Where can we get information on replacement tyres? We have the views of fellow members, some MGV8 specialists, our tyre fitters and a few consumer magazine reviews as the source of information for our replacement tyre choice.

Fellow members' views are available from an ongoing replacement tyre survey the V8 Register has been running for several years based on their reports. But members' feedback on replacement tyres will inevitably be influenced by how their new tyres perform with the condition of their car's suspension system. The suspension may have been improved by fitting upgraded components like the replacement Spax shock absorbers fitted to some RV8s. Equally some components in the suspension system - like the lever arm shock absorbers on an MGBGTV8 - could be in need of renewal and thereby might be contributing to reduced levels of handling and ride. The feedback will also be based on the feel experienced by members on driving their car on new rubber - the before and after fitting new tyres effect. That comparison will almost always leave the enthusiast feeling the new tyres feel so much better simply because the ageing effect on the rubber of the old tyres would have reduced the flexibility of the rubber to something similar to wood with consequent effects on handling and ride before
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Caution with replacement tyres
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the change. It is almost impossible for any enthusiast to think back 8 years and recall the feel of the old tyres when first fitted to the car in order to make a comparative judgement as to how the new tyres perform. V8 tyre survey report

Tyre reviews carried out by independent bodies
like consumer groups - the Which? magazine for example - are based on comparative tyre tests and can provide useful tyre performance information. But there is often an uncertainty over translating their test results and recommendations to an MGV8 as they will have carried out the tests on a popular saloon - for example a VW Golf or Ford Focus - and usually on a slightly different tyre size. This uncertainly exists even if a tyre was from the same manufacturer and was the same brand or model of tyre you might consider fitting to your MGV8 because the net effect in terms or road holding and ride is from a combination of the tyre with the car's suspension.

Finally tyre technology constantly improves in terms of tyre structures, rubber compounds and tread patterns producing new tyres with enhanced grip, roadholding and ride.
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