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Recent Pricewatch NEWS items

April 2018
MGBGTV8 reappears with an 80% price hike!
MGBGTV8 original with a "few modifications"

March 2018
MGBGTV8 appears for sale again, again & again
RV8 appears again with a 48.5% offer price uplift!
Restored MGBGTV8 for sale in Ireland

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Earlier Pricewatch NEWS items

February 2018

One of the ACA MGBGTV8s reappears
Problem with a car bought at auction
Two MGBGTV8s up for auction at ACA
Driving or storing as an investment - costs?

January 2018
MGBGTV8 Blaze 0115 sold at ACA auction
Q&A item on Honest John Classics website
Two MGBGTV8s up for auction at ACA
Driving an exceptional classic - what are the costs?

December 2017
Winning bid for RV8 at £15,100
MGB Aston Martin prototype for sale
MGBGTV8 appears four times
MGBGTV8 appears again and again
RV8 appears again
MGBGTV8 in Damask appears again
Updated Price Guide released, November 2017
Exceptional low mileage RV8 sold at CCA auction

November 2017
Where are the classic car hot spots?
Citron yellow increasingly popular for MGBGTV8s
ACA auction remaining MGV8s
Two MGBGTV8s in the Norfolk collection at ACA
Plenty of MGV8s at Former Glory
How do you price an MGBGTV8 rebuild?
MGBGTV8 price chart in Classic Car Weekly
MGBGTV8 reappears with a 39% price hike
White Gold RV8 with a £6,500 or 42% price hike


October 2017

Much advertised MGBGTV8 reported to have sold
Another much advertised MGBGTV8 sold
Rare pre-development MGBGTV8 sold at auction
£3,995 or 28.5% price hike in less than 14 days
Treasure trove of UK classics unearthed

September 2017
Pre-development MGBGTV8 up for auction
Black MGBGTV8 appears for auction again

August 2017
MGBGTV8 appears with 15% uplift in 6 weeks
Citron MGBGTV8 reappears at a reduced price

July 2017
Damask MGBGTV8 reappears with 41% price hike
RV8 auction results
MGBGTV8 in Glacier White appears yet again
MGBGTV8 sold at auction reappaers with 39% hike

June 2017
MGBGTV8 in Damask reduced by 21% in 2 weeks